Consultative meeting discusses status of higher education Programs in Public, private universities

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Consultative meeting discusses status of higher education Programs in Public, private universities
[20/ February/2024]

SANA'A February 20. 2024 (Saba) - A consultative meeting was held in Sana'a on Tuesday with the presidents of public universities, headed by a member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Saleh Al-Nuaimi, to discuss the situation of public and private universities and their graduate programs.

The meeting, which included the Minister of Higher Education in the caretaker government, Hussein Hazeb, his deputy, Dr. Ali Sharaf El-Din, and the ministry's undersecretaries, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Qans, Dr. Sadiq Al-Sharaji, and Hussein Ezz El-Din, reviewed the problems facing public universities in light of the suspension of salaries and operating budgets, and the proposed solutions and treatments.

The meeting, which was attended by the Acting Chairman of the Council for Academic Accreditation, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shuaibi, and the President of the Supreme Medical Council - President of September 21 University, Dr. Mujahid Measar, dealt with the level of relationship between the ministry's sectors and universities, and the role of universities in general mobilization in favor of the Palestinian cause and defending the homeland.

In the meeting, Supreme Political Member Al-Nuaimi praised the steadfastness and steadfastness of public universities in continuing the educational process in light of the aggression, and their leadership in leading the transformation in the process of higher education in Yemen, despite the scarcity of capabilities and the interruption of salaries.

He expressed the hope that the meeting will come out with recommendations that contribute to correcting the conditions of universities, graduate programs, and the development of curricula in them. He noted the role of the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education in achieving achievements in the higher education sector, and addressing the difficulties faced by public universities in performing their educational and enlightenment mission.

Al-Nuaimi pointed to the importance of qualifying and training academic staff and the possibility of preparing a scientific and systematic study of the policy of external scholarship of cadres, which the country needs, and needs to be qualified in master's and doctoral courses according to scientific standards. He pointed to the importance of the meeting to keep pace with developments in the practical and educational aspects, and improve their outputs.

He stressed the need for the Palestinian cause to be present in university outputs and research, events and student activities to consolidate it in the minds of generations. He praised the role of Sana'a University in allocating a weekly mass march every Wednesday in which all university members participate in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to support and support the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation.


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