Zionist media to settlers: Get prepared for civil war


Yemen News Agency SABA
Zionist media to settlers: Get prepared for civil war
[18/ January/2024]
OCCUPIED AL-QUDS January 18. 2024 (Saba) - "Get prepared for civil war," Zionist media told settlers on Thursday, in comments on mass demonstrations seen by Tel Aviv streets following recent security situation.

Imagine what will happen when crowds take to streets on the background of an erupting war, Haaretz said. "The streets will be flammable."

The demonstrators will be depicted as traitorous stabbing the nation and its soldiers at back, and will be dealt with accordingly, in particular with the sphere sunk with machineguns and revolvers that were distributed on the basis on political feudality, it added in a report.

The Israeli paper labeled Netanyahu administration as ruling "nightmare", as this government made many promises, but "at the end of the year, here are the results before us."

The Zionist government is now busy with securing a persistent war in Gaza and northern borders and raging the West Bank, Haaretz said, as "its survival depends on the war's continuation forever."

2024 will be bad, gloomy year, the paper added, citing the crises starting from the deaths and marking time in the mire of Gaza and Lebanese borders, and ending up with the sacrifice of Israeli captives.

Still, the ongoing economic crisis will lead to boiling and renewing protests, it warned, as "some version of a civil war is about to erupt."
As it was before 7 October, the police this week is again serving as Ben Gofer militia, according to the Zionist paper.


resource : SABA