WSJ: Hezbollah strikes force about 230,000 settlers to flee north.

Yemen News Agency SABA
WSJ: Hezbollah strikes force about 230,000 settlers to flee north.
[31/ December/2023]
WASHINGTON December 31. 2023 (Saba) - The American Wall Street Journal has revealed that the number of displaced settlers in northern occupied Palestine in the Hezbollah strikes reached more than 230,000 settlers.

The WSJ said that anxiety is increasing among settlers in northern occupied Palestine with the increasing attacks of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon so that the Zionist Channel 13 reported that two days ago that the Zionists in the north are collapsing.

It added “The effects are not limited to the security situation, but extend to the psychological and economic situations as well,” noting that the settlers are talking about very great economic hardship.

Earlier, the Zionist enemy authorities closed a number of northern settlements to the entry of settlers, until further notice, in light of the security situation, according to enemy media.

The enemy media pointed out that the settlement gates are closed, "There is no exit for the settlers and exit is only possible for emergency humanitarian cases, such as transporting a pregnant woman to the hospital to deliver birth, but regional approval must be obtained before that."

Likewise, the occupation authorities evacuated new settlements in northern occupied Palestine.

The Zionist enemy media said the evacuated settlements are located on the northern border and have not been evacuated since 1948 (since the establishment of the Zionist entity).

Earlier, the Zionist media spoke about the increasing anxiety of the settlers in the north about returning to their homes, and about the accusations they make against the occupation government, accusing it of abandoning them.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon continues to target the Zionist enemy’s positions along the Lebanese-Palestinian border, achieving direct casualties, in response to the occupation’s ongoing aggression against Gaza, and its continued attacks on southern Lebanese villages.

resource : Saba