Zionist-American aggression against Gaza in its third month...More massacres & killings


Yemen News Agency SABA
Zionist-American aggression against Gaza in its third month...More massacres & killings
[08/ December/2023]
CAPITALS December 08. 2023 (Saba)-The Zionist-American aggression against the Gaza Strip has entered its third month with more massacres and killings in various areas of the Strip, with the number of martyrs exceeding 16,250 Palestinians and the number of wounded more than 43,616.

The Zionist enemy forces continue their bloody holocaust in Gaza, intensifying barbaric raids, continuing to bomb homes over the heads of their residents, targeting mosques, communications and Internet transmission stations, and continuing genocide crimes.

The Palestinian media reported that the Zionist enemy forces committed, last night and at dawn on Wednesday, new massacres in various parts of Gaza Strip, especially in Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, while violent clashes took place in several axes in eastern Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip and in other axes from the east, north and west. Khan Yunis led to the death of nine enemy soldiers during the last 24 hours, while communications and the Internet are still in a state of partial outage in the north of Gaza Strip.

The media said: The Zionist enemy forces targeted an entire residential square in “Block 2” of the Jabalia camp, which led to dozens of martyrs and wounded, including children and women, while the enemy forces fired a barrage of phosphorus and smoke bombs towards the center of the camp, which is witnessing a series of intense raids. .

Enemy warplanes also bombed the "Palestine" School, west of Jabalia, which shelters displaced people, which led to the killing of dozens and the wounding of others, while ten citizens were martyred and others were injured in a bombing that targeted a house on Al-Nafaq Street in Gaza City.

At dawn today, six Palestinian citizens were martyred, and dozens were injured, in the Zionist enemy warplane’s bombing of two houses in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, while three martyrs died, and a number of others were injured, in a raid that targeted a house in the western camp in Khan Yunis.

The Zionist enemy warplanes destroyed the Islamic Society Mosque in Nuseirat camp and insanely bombed the vicinity of Khalifa School, which shelters thousands of displaced people in Beit Lahia project in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Zionist artillery shell continued on the neighborhoods of Al-Tuffah, Al-Daraj, and Al-Shuja'iya in Gaza City, and east of Khan Yunis, Al-Fukhari, Khuza'a, and Abasan.

Civil Defense sources reported that a large number of martyrs and wounded victims of the ongoing Zionist-American aggression against the Gaza Strip were buried under the rubble, amid difficulties in recovering them.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said: The Zionist enemy forces took Kamal Adwan Hospital out of service, and more than 400,000 people in the northern Gaza Strip were left without special services after the destruction of the main electricity generator for Kamal Adwan Hospital.

The Zionist Broadcasting Corporation announced the arrest of 21 medical workers in Gaza, including doctors and ambulance drivers.

Many critics of the West say: The brutal crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the people of Gaza have exposed the entity, America, the famous European countries, Western civilization and culture.

Many countries accuse the Zionist enemy entity of committing "genocide" in the Zionist-American aggression against Gaza.

In a blog post on the “X” platform, the UN Special Rapporteur concerned with the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, Francesca P. Albanese, asked European countries to show a strong reaction towards the Zionist entity regarding the events in Gaza.

"Dear Europeans, Italians and Germans: After the Holocaust, we must know that genocide begins with the dehumanization of the other," she said.

Albanese added: "If the Zionist attack on the Palestinians does not prompt us to react strongly, then the darkest page in our modern history has taught us nothing."

For more than two months, the Zionist enemy, with American support, has been waging a brutal “destructive war” on the Gaza Strip, in which the blood of infants, women, the elderly, civilians, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, bakeries, even mosques and churches has been shed.


resource : SABA