Palestinian resistance continues targeting enemy troops in Gaza

Yemen News Agency SABA
Palestinian resistance continues targeting enemy troops in Gaza
[06/ December/2023]
GAZA December 06. 2023 (Saba) - Quds Brigades have shelled Zionist military gatherings with mortars in the vicinity of Sheikh Nasser area, east Khan Younis, the military wing of the Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement said.

The Brigades also claimed responsibility for targeting a Zionist unit with antipersonnel (OG) shell near al-Zelal Mosque, east Khan Younis.

While they persist in raids and bombardments, the enemy troops are faced with fierce clashes with the Palestinian resistance in the eastern part of Khan Younis.

Zionist attempted infiltrations are fiercely encountered by resistance men in south Gaza, the Brigades added, dubbing the enemy advancement as very slow.

Last night, the Palestinian resistance said their mujahedeen fought violent battles against occupation troops at Gaza different frontlines, inflecting dire human and ordnance losses to the enemy.

A number of enemy machines were damaged with proper weapons, spokesman for Quds Brigades, Abu Hamza, said.

Earlier, the Brigades claimed responsibility for firing mortars at Zionist military gatherings in the two settlements of Nirim and Nir Auz, and damaging a tank and personnel carrier east Gaza, using Tandom shells.

Qassam Battalions, Hamas military wing, said their fighters on Tuesday engaged in fierce fighting with enemy troops at different fronts in Gaza Strip, where "24 Zionist military machines were damaged totally or partially in Khan Younis alone."

In another statement, the Battalions claimed targeting 18 Zionist soldiers with a direct attack, setting explosives to a house where a special force sought refuge, pushing another force to pre-prepared minefield, and sniping eight enemy soldiers.

Qassam mujahedeen denoted a minefield with four antipersonnel shells, leaving a group of occupation soldiers killed or injured in the eastern part of Khan Younis.


resource : SABA