President signs of law criminalizing recognition of Zionist enemy entity

Yemen News Agency SABA
 President signs of law criminalizing recognition of  Zionist enemy entity
[05/ December/2023]
SANA'A December 05. 2023 (Saba) - Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, signed in the capital, Sanaa law No. (4) of 1445 AH regarding the prohibition and criminalization of recognition of the Zionist enemy entity and normalization with it.

The law aims to prohibit and criminalize recognition of or normalization with the Zionist enemy entity occupying the Palestinian and other occupied Arab territories, and to prevent the establishment of diplomatic, political, military, economic, cultural, or any other relations with this occupying entity, directly or indirectly.

Following the signing, President Al-Mashat affirmed that normalization with the Israeli enemy entity is a betrayal of the Arab Islamic nation, Islam, and the peoples.

He stated that the law will allow Yemen to move more effectively and officially in confronting the usurping Zionist entity and supporting the Palestinian people and resistance.

President Al-Mashat pointed out that signing the law comes in the face of the bad normalization policy of a number of regimes in the region, stressing that this law expresses all the free people of the world, not just Yemen.

He renewed the call on the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries to criminalize normalization with the Israeli enemy and to recognize it as the least position that can be taken in support of the Palestinian people.


resource : SABA