Qualitative successes for executive unit in Sana’a during first quarter of 1445 AH


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Qualitative successes for executive unit in Sana’a  during first quarter of 1445 AH
[03/ December/2023]
SANA'A December 03. 2023 (Saba) -Since the beginning of this year, the Executive Unit for Projects in Sana'a Governorate has achieved qualitative successes in implementing infrastructure projects and interventions aimed at preserving the network of roads, sidewalks and public squares.

The unit's efforts in Sana'a Governorate culminated in raising the efficiency, capabilities, and performance of technical and field teams in implementing sustainable projects, rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance work in various directorates and ensuring their sustainability.

According to a report issued by the Executive Unit, the total projects during the first quarter of this year reached 23 projects, with a total cost amounting to 282 million and 17 thousand riyals, funded by the local authority and supervised by the Office of Public Works and Roads in the governorate, with a 100 percent completion rate.

According to reports, the projects included the implementation of restoration and maintenance works on main and secondary streets, the construction of rainwater drainage channels, in addition to the rehabilitation and construction of flood drainage channels.

The report stated that the projects included rehabilitation, restoration, and implementation of an additional asphalt layer for the damaged sections of five streets in the New Sana'a District, with a total area of 5,570 square meters and a cost of 120 million and 855 thousand riyals.

The completed implemented projects also included eight road paving projects in five directorates with a total area of four thousand and 337 square meters for 66 million and 603 thousand riyals.

The report stated that the projects included the construction of channels to drain rainwater from the main line and markets in the districts of Arhab and Bani Matar, with an area of 240 linear meters, for 50 million and 872 thousand riyals.

The report indicated the completion of eight projects, including the restoration and rehabilitation of seven schools, for 38 million and 524 thousand riyals.

The Executive Unit report pointed out that the reservations and fences project affiliated with the education projects in the Bani Hushaish District was implemented with an area of 252 linear meters, at a cost of five million and 166 thousand riyals.

Acting Director of the Executive Unit, Engineer Sami Al-Turabi, explained that the successes and achievements achieved in the field come within the context of the unit’s goals and strategy aimed at developing and preserving the governorate’s infrastructure.

He stressed that these projects and works were accompanied by other efforts and achievements in institutional reform and development, most notably the training and qualification of the technical, engineering and administrative human staff working in the executive unit.

Engineer Al-Turabi indicated that these projects come in implementation of the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council and the leadership of the governorate, to focus efforts to serve citizens, provide their service and development needs, and alleviate their suffering result of aggression and siege.

He appreciated the efforts and support of the governorate leadership and the local authority to the executive unit and enabling it with the funding and equipment required to complete projects and maintain and develop the infrastructure.

He also stressed the keenness to redouble efforts to develop the performance and capabilities of the executive unit to establish and maintain roads and public places.


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