Paras: Saudi Arabia’s movements in Hadhramaut are blatant interference in internal affairs

Yemen News Agency SABA
Paras: Saudi Arabia’s movements in Hadhramaut are blatant interference in internal affairs
[30/ November/2023]
SANA'A November 30. 2023 (Saba)-The governor of Hadhramaut, Luqman Paras, called on the rational and the province's free people in the coast, the valley, and the desert to reject the fragmentation projects that attempt to undermine the status ,history of Hadhramaut and the honorable positions of its people.

Governor Paras confirmed to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that Hadhramaut is bigger than the regional and regional projects behind which the countries of the US-Saudi aggression coalition stand.

The Governor of Hadhramaut pointed out that the Saudi moves, the latest of which is the announcement of the formation of the strength and bodies of the so-called "Hadhramaut National Council", come within the framework of hostilities against the Republic of Yemen, affect its sovereignty, and are a blatant violation of its independence.

He stressed that the future of Hadramaut is a Yemeni internal matter and that no foreign country has the right, in accordance with international law, to interfere in the internal affairs of independent countries.

He said, "The announcement of the so-called Hadramaut Council, from Riyadh, on the eve of Independence Day, November 30, which ended a dark era of foreign colonialism in southern Yemen, is a clear message from Riyadh to all Yemenis stating that the neighboring country is desperate to drop its colonial agendas that failed by the will of the free people of Hadhramaut." “In several historical stages,” he described these hostile practices as “vulgar” in the history of relations between countries.

Hadhramaut Governor stressed the need to reject these projects, isolate them popularly, and not give them any attention because they express the aspirations of the invaders ,occupiers and not the aspirations of Hadhramaut's people.


resource : SABA