Al-Aqsa flood... & Crisis of Arab political system

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Al-Aqsa flood... & Crisis of Arab political system
[27/ November/2023]

SANA'A November 27. 2023 (Saba) - The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance revealed the fragility of the Arab and Islamic system with all its political, military, security and media institutions.

This was evident at the Riyadh Summit, at which 57 Arab and Islamic States were not able to make a final statement preserving their leaders' faces in front of the citizens of their countries. The summit resulted in a meagre statement that did not rise to the level of the event and the importance of the cause for which they met.

The berries' paper fell to those who still believed that there were Arab and Islamic regimes possessing their independent national decision stemming from their national and national interest, making it clear that they were still colonized and receiving instructions on what to do behind the ocean, the White House and the colonial states of Europe.

Arab regimes exaggerated their political and moral downfall and were more property than the King's support for Israel at the expense of their Arab and Islamic identity and affiliation as the United Arab Emirates, which trampled on a long Arab and Islamic history of legitimate struggle and disregarded Palestinian and Arab martyrs, who gave their lives to the Palestinian cause.

In this blessed historic event (Al-Aqsa Flood), the Republic of Yemen emerged as the only State in the Arab and Islamic Ocean through its independent national decision, and clearly and solemnly declared to enter into a battle of right with the heroes of the Palestinian resistance, raining Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) with a barrage of ballistic missiles and drones, blocking the movement of Israeli vessels in the Red Sea, detaining one of them and driving them to the Yemeni coast, in a naval military operation that stunned the world and put an end to Zionist orgies in Red Sea waters.

By entering the battle with such force, the Republic of Yemen has placed Arab and Islamic regimes in an unenviable position, revealing them for what they do as colonial regimes, and that their independence is only formal.

In summary, the most important conclusions that can be drawn from the blessed military operation Al-Aqsa Flood are that Arab regimes continue to be colonized in a modern and bitter manner.


resource : Saba