Al-Aqsa Flood...Humanitarian truce mixed with taste of victory: report

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Al-Aqsa Flood...Humanitarian truce mixed with taste of victory: report
[27/ November/2023]
SANA'A November 27. 2023 (Saba) - As the Zionist-American aggression against the Gaza Strip enters its 51st day in a row, and coinciding with the third day of the temporary humanitarian truce mixed with the taste of victory that was marked by the Palestinian resistance on the seventh of last October... the extent of the massive destruction caused by Zionist terrorism in the Gaza Strip is revealed to the entire world.

With the cessation of the Zionist-American air raids and the continued violations of the Zionist enemy by firing on the eastern outskirts of Gaza, and the flight of its reconnaissance planes, the Palestinians are awaiting the release of the third batch of prisoners within the framework of the partial exchange deal in which the Palestinian resistance imposed its conditions forcefully.

The “humanitarian truce,” which extends for only four days, was reached through Qatari-Egyptian mediation in Gaza, and dominated the attention of social media networks in the Arab and Islamic world from its surroundings to its Gulf, and became the talk of activists, tweeters (Xs), and bloggers everywhere, as it came after 48 days of terrorism. The Zionist and bloody massacres that targeted Gaza, which did not lead to any collapse in the Strip.

The humanitarian truce included a partial deal to exchange prisoners and detainees between the Hamas movement and the Zionist enemy entity, whereby 50 Zionist detainees would be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners, which was what Hamas movement had offered on the first day of the war, while the Zionists categorically rejected it, and this is what prompted many consider that this deal represents a victory for Hamas in the war, or that it is the beginning of victory and the beginning of achieving the goals that the Palestinians want.

Immediately after the announcement of the truce, the hashtags “#Humanitarian_truce” and “#Gaza_wins” and others spread on social media networks, and the truce and its details quickly turned into a topic of controversy and conversation on various platforms, while many went to celebrate the cessation of fighting and offer thanks and praise to the State of Qatar for the efforts it made in order to reach this agreement.

In this context, many Palestinian human rights institutions have confirmed that with the temporary humanitarian truce, part of the massive destruction caused by the terrorist Zionist-American war machine has been revealed in homes, civilian objects, and infrastructure, at a time when the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions of the aggression and the strict siege imposed since the beginning of the aggression continue.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights, al-Mezan Center, and al-Haq said in a joint statement “The initial views of the places that their crews were able to visit of the targeted neighborhoods in the southern Gaza Valley, in addition to the photos and video clips that were able to be seen of some of the destruction in the Gaza governorate,” and in its north, it reflects an unprecedented level of systematic destruction, which also affected many historical and heritage monuments in Gaza, in addition to educational institutions.

They pointed out that observations in the town of Khuza’a, east of Khan Yunis, for example, showed widespread destruction of homes, mosques, and streets, and this was repeated in many areas where entire residential communities disappeared.

According to the joint statement, video clips documented by Palestinian citizens and journalists in Gaza city and the towns of the North governorate, including the areas where the Zionist enemy forces have penetrated and are still stationed to date, showed very widespread destruction operations that were clearly aimed at destruction and did not express a necessity related to the operations. Military according to the rule of necessity and proportionality.

Regarding the defeat of the Zionist enemy, Palestinian journalist and writer Yasser al-Zaatarah commented in a series of tweets, saying “Regarding the enemy’s situation again... you find nothing but confusion in their analyzes... many questions and no settled answers... some of them offer an opinion and most of them only ask today’s questions about... the deal and the possibility of extending it under American pressure, and for the sake of liberating other prisoners... and about the dilemma of the South, and the following questions and the consequences of each option... we are a nightmare that will haunt them until it wipes them out.”

Al-Zaatarah added in a second tweet “This is not a war like all wars. It is just frenzied massacres against innocents and property. The reason is that it is with (an entity) that was afflicted with rabies. With a group of believers, he thought he had brought them to their knees through the siege. A terrible blow was dealt to him, making him feel that the end was near, but his frenzy would not prevent his end.”

While Palestinian activist Ahmed Yahya commented, saying: “The truce was not approved by the enemy until after defeat and defeat in the face of the lions’ attacks... The truce means the end of the war criminal Netanyahu, God willing.”

Al Jazeera broadcaster Ahmed Mansour wrote in his tweet, as saying “The regimes that have mortgaged their future on “Israel” are living in an atmosphere of humiliation, and defeat. They were not good at reading reality and anticipating the future, so God knows best. They linked their fate to “Israel” despite the “Israelis” themselves talk about the curse of the eighth decade, and for five years they have been suffering from internal discord, conflict, and instability, and now they are receiving a historic military, political, and economic defeat, and what is happening to “Israel” will happen to them....

The humanitarian truce is referred to politically as it represents the first agreement reached in order to stop the war, even temporarily, and is considered an important breakthrough for the Zionist escalation following “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation.

Observers also see it as a political result of two basic things: the first of which is the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance and its steadfastness in the face of the Zionist enemy army. The unprecedented American support, which failed miserably in achieving any military achievement on the ground during six weeks of war, and the second is the internal and external pressures on the Netanyahu government, with which he was forced to reluctantly accept the exchange and truce deal.

It is worth mentioning that the death toll of the Zionist-American aggression on Gaza since the seventh of last October has exceeded 15,000 martyrs, including more than 6,150 children and 4,000 women.

The number of missing persons has reached more than 7,000 missing persons, and more than 36,000 wounded, 75 in 100 of them are children and women.

On the other hand, the Zionist enemy suffered very large human, material, and economic losses, as its death toll, according to what was announced, exceeded 2,000 people , including dead, captured, and missing soldiers and settlers, while the death toll of its wounded exceeded 8,000 people . As for what is hidden, it is certainly greater, but the enemy is arrogant and hides its losses so that its internal front does not just collapse .

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