“Children between killing & siege... Gaza & Yemen are examples” in report by Intisaf organization


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“Children between killing & siege... Gaza & Yemen are examples” in report by Intisaf organization
[22/ November/2023]
SANA'A November 22. 2023 (Saba)-The crimes of the American-Saudi-Emirati-Zionist aggression coalition against Yemen and Palestine continue through acts of killing, destruction, targeting, siege and starvation for nearly nine years against the Yemeni people , decades ago against Palestine and Gaza Strip in the occupied territories.

The oppression of the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples was similar in crimes and violations committed by the forces of hegemony and global tyranny, while their names, titles, and justifications differed, with the time difference that has passed since more than seven decades have passed since the Palestinian issue, which will remain the central and primary issue of the Yemeni people.

The children of Yemen and Palestine are an example of a human tragedy created by the arrogant powers led by America and the Western countries and their tools in the region, by practicing killing and direct targeting unjustly and aggressively, in addition to using the policy of starvation as a means of war to destroy civilians, including children and women, in full-fledged war crimes in accordance with the principles of international humanitarian law and international conventions. Concerning the state of war, which prohibits killing civilians, deliberately targeting civilian objects, and criminalizes siege.

The crimes of the Zionist entity in Gaza, and the American-Saudi-Emirati alliance against Yemen, will remain living evidence remembered by generations throughout history of the horror of the massacres and genocidal war committed against humanity against the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples.

Recently, Intisaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights issued a human rights report entitled “Children Between Killing and Siege,” documenting the effects and repercussions of the siege and aggression against children in Yemen , Gaza and psychological support mechanisms, in conjunction with International Children’s Rights Day, which falls on November 20 of each year.

The report addressed the disastrous and tragic conditions that children in Yemen have been living in for nearly nine years as a result of the aggression and siege, as well as the disastrous situation that the children of Palestine are experiencing as a result of the Zionist-American aggression against Gaza Strip.

It pointed out that the coalition of aggression against Yemen and the Zionist aggression against Gaza committed the most horrific massacres and six grave violations against children and international laws and conventions, as they targeted houses, schools, mosques and civilian objects and imposed a comprehensive siege on civilians, which led to the aggravation and deterioration of the situation.

The report stated that since the start of the aggression against Yemen on March 26, 2015 AD until November 19, 2023, eight thousand and 304 children were killed and wounded as a result of the aggression’s raids, including three thousand and 948 killed and four thousand and 356 wounded, while the number of children who were victims of the Zionist occupation in Gaza, since the seventh of October 2023 more than five thousand dead and thirty thousand injured, more than 75 percent of whom are children and women, while the number of missing people exceeds three thousand and 750 people, including 1,800 children who are still under the rubble.

It stated that the aggression warplanes against Yemen launched 2,932 raids with cluster bombs during the past nine years, and the total number of civilian casualties as a result of the use of these bombs reached nearly nine thousand victims, most of whom were women and children.

According to the report, the aggression against Yemen destroyed 572 hospitals, facilities and health facilities, targeted 92 ambulances and their crews, prevented the entry of medical supplies for chronic diseases, and more than 60 percent of the health sector stopped, while four million 521 thousand and 727 children and women suffer from acute, general and severe malnutrition, including 313,790 children under five years old suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

One million, 777 thousand and 423 children suffer from general malnutrition, and one million 463 thousand and 633 children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, while 966 thousand and 881 pregnant and breastfeeding women are struggling with malnutrition in order to survive in light of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the aggression.

The report stated that more than 8.5 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance and face the daily threat of food shortages and displacement, the continued reduction of aid, and the cessation of malnutrition prevention programs and interventions.

Nearly 80 percent of the population - that is, more than 24 million people - also needs to various forms of humanitarian aid.

According to the statistics contained in the report, more than 80 newborns die every day due to the repercussions of the use of internationally prohibited weapons. The actual need for the health sector is estimated at approximately two thousand nurseries, while it only has 600 nurseries.

As a result, 50 percent of premature babies die, and the incidence of cancer has increased to 35 thousand people, including more than a thousand children.

It pointed out that the number of people with disabilities has increased from three million before the aggression against Yemen to 4.5 million people currently, while more than six thousand civilians have been disabled as a result of armed hostilities since the start of the aggression, including more than five thousand and 559 children, and 16 thousand cases of Women and children need motor rehabilitation.

The report touched on the conditions of education, as the aggression coalition targeted educational facilities, which led to the destruction and damage of about 28,000 educational and pedagogical facilities, more than 45 government and private universities ,colleges, 74 technical and technical institutes.

It stated that the aggression coalition raids targeted schools and as a result three thousand and 676 schools were damaged, of which 419 were completely destroyed and one thousand and 506 schools were partially damaged, 756 schools were closed, and 995 schools were used to shelter the displaced, and more than a million male and female students dropped out of education, while 8.1 million children are in need. To emergency educational aid throughout the country, two million and 400 thousand children are out of school out of ten million and 600 thousand school-age children.

The report stated that 1.6 million children working in Yemen are deprived of their most basic rights, and the number of working children reached 7.7 million, or about 34.3 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 17 years, indicating that the aggression and blockade are the reason for the increase in the proportion of child labor in Yemen.

The number of displaced people rose to five million and 159 thousand and 560 displaced people in 15 Yemeni governorates under the control of the Salvation Government, including one million ,168 thousand and 664 individuals who do not receive aid to this day.

The report indicated that nine out of ten children in camps for displaced people in Yemen do not have sufficient opportunities to obtain their most basic needs, such as education, food, and potable water. About 1.71 million displaced children in the country are still deprived of basic services, and half a million of them do not have access to formal education. .

Regarding Gaza Strip in Palestine, the Zionist occupation completely destroyed 76 mosques and partially destroyed 165 mosques, in addition to targeting three churches. 63 schools and 25 out of 35 hospitals and 52 health centers were out of service.

It pointed out that the children of Gaza are living in deteriorating conditions due to the depletion of fuel and food and the interruption of water and electricity. The Zionist occupation prevents the entry of aid through Rafah crossing, and if it is allowed to enter, only a small part of it enters, which is not enough to cover the needs of the residents of the Strip.

The report indicated that the number of displaced children in Gaza reached 700,000 children, while the Zionist occupation forces arrested 570 children during the first half of the year 2023, including 435 children from the city of Al-Quds.

It touched on the international laws and treaties that called for the protection of children during wars ,conflicts and the extent of their application by the United Nations , its organizations during the aggression against Yemen and Gaza, stressing that those organizations were complicit in everything that happened against the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples and took a shameful stance in the face of all the crimes committed in Yemen and Gaza.

The report reviewed the psychological and social effects of aggression on children and ways to support them psychologically in crises, calling for an end to the aggression and siege on Yemen and Palestine, specifically on Gaza, and the formation of an impartial international investigation committee to investigate all crimes and massacres committed in the two countries.

In this regard, the head of the Intisaf Organization, Sumaya Al-Taifi, explained to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the launch of the report coincides with the International Day for the Rights of the Child, which falls on the 20th of November, and reminds the world of the massacres of America, Israel, Western countries , their tools in the region in Yemen and Palestine.

She pointed out that the report documented the crimes of aggression against children in Yemen and Palestine, in addition to the human suffering created by the coalition of aggression against Yemen as a result of its criminal practices, as well as the human tragedy of the children of Palestine, specifically in Gaza Strip.

The sectarian called on the international community, the United Nations, international , humanitarian bodies and organizations to assume responsibility in stopping the crimes of the American-Zionist aggression against Gaza, lifting the siege on Yemen ,Palestine, and allowing the entry of food, medicine, and fuel to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples.

Despite the tragedy and human suffering for nearly nine years in Yemen, the Yemenis were able to overcome the challenges of aggression and siege, and rose from the rubble and were able to achieve successes on various paths, and achieved heroics that were not expected, while the Palestinian resistance today moves forward by confronting the Zionist enemy, wagging its nose, and persecuting it. It has been in Gaza Strip and the occupied territories for 45 days.


resource : SABA