40th day of aggression against Gaza: The enemy storms Al-Shifa Hospital


Yemen News Agency SABA
 40th day of aggression against Gaza: The enemy storms Al-Shifa Hospital
[19/ November/2023]

SANA'A November 19. 2023 (Saba)- The Zionist enemy forces continue their bloody holocaust in the Gaza Strip, for the 40th day in a row, by intensifying their raids and storming the Al-Shifa Medical Complex after six days of siege and bombing.

Since the start of the Zionist-American aggression on the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October, the killings, exterminations, massacres, heinous crimes and massacres committed against Palestinian civilians, and the numbers of victims are increasing.

In non-final statistics, the number of martyrs reached more than 11,500 martyrs, including (4,650) children and (3,145) women, and the number of martyrs of medical personnel reached (198), including a doctor, a nurse, and a paramedic.

(22) civil defense men were also martyred, (51) journalists were also martyred, and more than 29,000 Palestinian civilians were injured.

The continuing Zionist-American aggression against Gaza City led to the demolition of residential neighborhoods and towers, and the Zionist military raids turned residential neighborhoods and towers into rubble, and the neighborhoods became a mixture of rubble, body parts, and ash.

Even residents from the northern part of the Gaza Strip heading to the south of the Strip were not spared from the ongoing Zionist air strikes.

Enemy aircraft also bombed refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, and the Zionist bombing focused on hospitals in particular.

Palestinian media reported on Wednesday that Zionist enemy forces stormed the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City with their military vehicles, amid heavy gunfire.

It said: Dozens of Zionist soldiers entered the emergency department building in the complex, and Zionist enemy tanks entered the medical complex campus.

It added: The enemy forces stormed the western section of the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, blew up the department doors and walls in the stormed area, and targeted the intensive care department in Shifa Medical Complex with several bombs, after besieging the hospital since last Saturday.

In a related context, the Palestinian media reported that citizens were able to recover 13 martyrs from the ruins of the Abu Hajar family home in the Al-Saftawi area, north of Gaza, which was subjected to an aerial bombardment.

Enemy aircraft targeted a street in the vicinity of the Al-Saftawi area, and also bombed Al-Abrar Mosque in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, causing an unspecified number of casualties.

The Zionist-American aggression began with threats to wipe Gaza out of existence, and to use mass destruction that deliberately destroyed high-rise residential towers and killed everyone in them, including women and children.

The enemy deliberately targeted Al-Maamdani Hospital in one of the war crimes and killed everyone inside it, including doctors, patients and visitors.

Over the course of three-quarters of a century, the Palestinians have proven their ability to confront the Zionist occupier, and to hold on to the land and remain on it, whatever the cost.

Despite the horrific massacres the world has witnessed, the Palestinians are still the toughest figure in the military and political equations, and the Zionists are still the biggest losers.

Palestine did not fall and will not fall, and the large number of victims will only increase its steadfastness, strength and victory.


resource : SABA