Summer courses in Sana'a.. Turnout that exceeded expectations to immunize generations

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Summer courses in Sana'a.. Turnout that exceeded expectations to immunize generations
[21/ May/2023]

SANA'A May 21.2023 (Saba) – In light of the growing popular and societal awareness, and the interest of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council in building a conscious generation armed with Quranic culture and faith education, the summer courses in Sana'a are witnessing intense interaction and turnout that exceeded expectations during the past weeks.

With the passage of the third week of the inauguration of the summer courses in the capital's secretariat for the year 1444 AH, the demand of male and female students to enroll in summer schools in all directorates is increasing, in which the number of enrollments until last week exceeded 87,000 male and female students.

Building generations:

The holding of summer courses comes out of religious responsibility in building and preparing the rising generation and providing it with science and knowledge and protecting it from the poisons of soft war and misleading and deviant cultures, in light of the targeting of the enemies of the nation and their conspiratorial schemes, and their misleading war aimed at deceiving and misleading societies, corrupting them, controlling them.

Within the framework of translating the directives of the Leader of the Revolution, the summer courses were launched in the directorates of the capital, with momentum and a broad official and societal movement that embodies the responsibility that rests with everyone in supporting and making these courses a success and achieving their goals in building the capabilities of children and students, providing them with valuable knowledge, and consolidating belonging and faith identity in them.

785 summer courses:

The Capital Municipality, represented by the Summer Courses Sub-Committee, opened until Shawwal 27 more than 785 open, typical and closed summer courses; Distributed over the ten directorates, with more than seven thousand workers, both male and female.

The summer courses aim to invest the summer vacation times in enlightening male and female students, expanding their perceptions and developing their skills in the religious, scientific, cultural, sports, and social fields, and discovering their various talents and creativity, for the benefit of them, their families and society.

Early preparation:

The activities and programs of the summer courses were launched in Sana’a, before extensive meetings of the leaders of the local authority, the sub-committee for summer activities and courses, the relevant executive offices and directorates, preparation and preparation for them from an early date, and the adoption of a comprehensive plan to define and organize work paths

The preparation plan for summer courses included activating the role of official and community agencies, local leaders, notables, sheikhs and social figures in supporting and organizing summer courses and making them a success.

Children's immunization:

The summer courses 1444 AH, in Sana'a, received the attention of the President of the Supreme Political Council, based on the directives of the revolutionary leadership that urged sponsorship of the summer courses, and the responsibility of the official authorities to supervise them.

This interest reflected the visit of the President of the Supreme Political Council, during the past days, to the summer courses in the Al-Sabeen district in the capital's secretariat, with the aim of motivating male and female students and encouraging them to benefit from the programs and activities of these courses.

During the visit, President Al-Mashat said: "Our visit to the summer courses took place eight years after the US-Saudi aggression, which was among the most prominent goals of destroying the educational process, targeting schools, cutting teachers' salaries, and ignoring the Yemeni people. Thanks to God, your efforts and the awareness of the Yemeni people, all goals failed.

He stressed that the increase in demand for summer courses every year reflects the awareness of the Yemeni people and their realization of the importance of these courses, and the benefits, sciences and education students receive on authentic values and faith principles.

Al-Mashat indicated that the most important advantages of the summer courses are that young people and youth are educated in the culture of the Holy Qur’an and acquire useful sciences, awareness, and insightful and correct vision.

The priorities of the action plan focus on implementing the directives of the Leader of the Revolution, the master plan and organizational guidelines for summer programs and activities under the supervision of the Higher Committee for Summer Activities and Courses.

Official and community interaction:

Government leaders, heads and members of parliaments, Shura Councils, the judiciary, ministries, public bodies and institutions, secretariat leadership and deputies, directors of executive offices and directorates, and community leaders, visited to provide moral support to summer courses students.

Past official and community visits included various initiatives and convoys presented by a number of executive offices, directorates, and the community, to support summer course cadres, encourage students to enroll in them and distribute baskets, foodstuffs, clothing, and sports supplies to those enrolled.

According to the report of the Sub-Committee on Summer Activities and Courses in the Municipality, the number of visits from the official and community side amounted to more than 15,112 field visits during the past weeks in all summer courses in the directorates.

The Mayor of the capital, Hammoud Abbad, noted the unprecedented level of interest and official and societal interaction enjoyed by the summer courses for this year, translating the directives of the Leader of the Revolution to support and make these courses a success. To present a message to the enemies of the Yemeni people and the nation in general, by preparing and building a strong generation armed with Quranic knowledge and culture for the advancement of the nation.He appreciated the efforts of the cadres and teachers of the open, standard and closed summer courses, and the level of community interaction with its activities and programmes.

Distinguished Presence:

Summer courses are of great importance in investing in academic holidays to provide students with skills, discover and refine their talents and creativity, and develop their capabilities in various fields.

The Undersecretary of the Capital Municipality - Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Summer Courses and Activities, Khaled Al-Madani, praised the wide turnout witnessed by the open, standard and closed courses in the directorates, and the distinguished attendance of students and teachers.

He considered the summer courses as centers of building, giving, and science that develop the knowledge and capabilities of generations in religious and cognitive sciences, and consolidate the Qur’anic culture, identity, and national belonging.

Al-Madani drew attention to the responsibility of society and parents to enroll children in these courses, praising the teachers' efforts in raising generations and instilling religious and educational values.

Increased turnout:

The increasing demand for summer courses in directorates reflects the level of societal awareness, the sense of responsibility, and the wide official and popular contribution to their support and success.

The Director of the Office of Education in the Capital Municipality - Vice-Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Summer Courses, Abdul Qadir Al-Mahdi, explained that the number of summer courses for students is 388 schools, accommodating more than 44,000 students in all directorates, and 397 schools for girls, which include 43,000 students.

He stressed the importance of these courses in the districts of the provinces; As one of the most important fronts of cultural awareness that angers the enemies, and contributes to confronting the intellectual invasion that targets generations of the nation.

Various activities:

There are many summer course activities for the current year, which motivated students to turn out for them and get involved in them, including sports, entertainment, culture and others.

According to the Vice-Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Summer Courses, Al-Mahdi, the total religious, sports, artistic, cultural, social, craft, skill, agricultural and other activities amounted to more than 37,651 activities, and five thousand and 506 daily broadcasts during the past three weeks at the classroom level.

He reported that 326 recreational and cultural trips were carried out for students, 1,018 evenings and events were held, and 271 art exhibitions were held for the participation of male and female students from what they learned from the activities and programs of the creative and skillful summer courses.

He pointed to the importance of educational work in promoting Quranic culture and faith education, and paying attention to the diversity of activities and programs aimed at protecting generations from intrusive cultures that the enemies of Islam are trying to plant among children and youth.

In light of the interest of the state and the government in summer courses, and the support of those enrolled in them, the fruits will be positive in the future in building a conscious, educated, and active generation that builds Yemen and preserves its loyalty, faith and national identity, and its authentic culture stemming from the Book of God - the Almighty.


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