Yemen losses more than $3B losses because of aggression, blockade

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Yemen losses more than $3B losses because of aggression, blockade
[29/ March/2023]
HODEIDA March 29. 2023 (Saba) - The Yemeni General Corporation for Red Sea Ports revealed that the volume of direct and indirect material damage and losses as a result of the aggression and blockade amounted to $ 3,254,970,000

Deputy Chairman of the Red Sea Ports Corporation Captain Zaid al-Washli explained in a press conference organized by the corporation that the destruction of the port infrastructure and the systematic targeting of maritime transport equipment and services, in addition to the announcement of the closure of all seaports, will remain a witness to the war crimes committed by the aggression against humanity in Yemen.

At the conference, al-Washali reviewed the damage to the ports of the Red Sea, including the port of Hodeida, whose bridge cranes, maintenance and storage hangars, and slides of the marine platforms of the port were destroyed, the occupation of the port of Mokha, the targeting of the facilities and berths of the ports of Ras Issa and al-Salif, and the disruption of navigational and commercial activity and preventing the entry of food, medicine, fuel and humanitarian needs.

He considered the destruction of the Red Sea ports and the deliberate bombing of their infrastructure and mechanisms for transporting and unloading ships loaded with goods as a full-fledged war crime and a violation of international humanitarian law and conventions, including the four Geneva Conventions and the protocols attached to them, which criminalize the targeting of vital facilities and civilian objects.

Al-Washali "Our country is approaching the month of Ramadan for the eighth year in a row, in light of the difficult repercussions witnessed by the Red Sea Ports Corporation as a result of the aggression and the blockade, and the resulting damages and losses that required intensifying efforts to confront them and enhance steadfastness and the continued provision of services among the rubble of challenges and restrictions imposed by the aggression coalition." ".

He went on saying, "This annual press conference is not a passing station, nor a routine activity, but rather an important event to narrate a partial narration of a bitter reality and a patriotic pain. A number of indicators in return for the work, efforts and solutions that have been accomplished to face the challenges and the scale of the disaster that the Red Sea ports have been exposed to.

He confirmed that the direct and indirect material losses suffered by the Red Sea Ports Corporation as a result of the aggression, blockade and illegal restrictions to close the ports represented a flagrant violation of international covenants and the four Geneva Conventions that criminalize the targeting of service and vital facilities.

He explained that the container ships arriving at the corporation's ports in 2014 "a base year for comparison" amounted to 194 ships and the number of containers 299 thousand and 975 containers, while in the year 2022 only 18 ships and the number of ten thousand and 968 containers were registered..

Al-Washali pointed out that the Ports Corporation did not stand idly by during the past eight years, but rather worked tirelessly and strengthened its role in keeping pace with the reception of ships and the entry of goods, although partially.

He explained that the corporation efforts focused during the last period on addressing part of what was destroyed by the aggression, implementing development projects, preparing technical studies, providing some operational equipment and mechanisms, and maintaining equipment for which spare parts could not be provided due to the aggression blockade.

Al-Washali also pointed out that among the efforts that have been accomplished are the rehabilitation of asphalt roads and squares in the ports of Hodeida and al-Salif, maintenance of incubator hangars, the power station, storage warehouses, and other works carried out by the Corporation in the context of repairing some of what was destroyed by the aggression.

Al-Washli touched on the repercussions of the blockade and the closure of port activity, which caused a large deficit that led to depriving the state of revenues and returns, and an acute shortage in the entry of food, medicine and construction, and the acute shortage in the entry of oil derivatives led to a rise in prices.

He reviewed the work carried out by the Corporation recently, in conjunction with the port opening breakthrough, which had a significant impact on the operation of the ports, including granting facilities and benefits to restore navigational activity, encouraging merchants and importers, and implementing a matrix of measures that would enhance the movement of the flow and entry of ships.

He called on the United Nations to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations towards restoring the activity of the Red Sea ports, which have not yet been implemented, despite the agreement.


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