Losses of Tourism sector in Yemen as a result of US-Saudi Aggression


Yemen News Agency SABA
 Losses of Tourism sector in Yemen as a result of US-Saudi Aggression
[29/ March/2023]
SANA'A March 29.2023 (Saba) -The aggression paralyzed tourism activities and deprived the country of one of the resources of the national economy, which represented about 3% of the general national income.

The direct losses of this sector until the end of 2017 amounted to about 4 billion and 500 million dollars, and the loss of 4 million and 500 thousand tourists, at a rate of one and a half million tourists, the average annual tourist arrival to Yemen.

The tourist tax on flights is $10,800,000, according to the Tourism Promotion Council, the losses of tourism agencies are $ 9 million, the hotel association is $ 666 million, and tourism promotion is $ 3 million, an annual average spent on this sector.

Yemeni sea, land and air transport is $3 billion, of which $2 is an initial loss for air aviation as a result of targeting airports, navigational and technical equipment, communications devices and radars.

The suspension of travel to and from Yemen, and $ 900 million initial losses incurred by the maritime transport sector as a result of the aggression and blockade, including $ 300 million losses in the ports of Hodeidah and Makha during the years "2016-2017" only, and $ 19 million direct losses incurred by the land transport sector.

The tourism sector lost $ 5 billion until March 2021, according to the Ministry of Tourism in Sana'a, represented by the loss of annual tourism revenues.

The raids of the aggression destroyed 473 sites, archaeological and tourist monuments and historical facilities.

In the statistics of "Eye of Humanity" and the Legal Center published on March 25, 2023, about "384-387" tourist facilities, and "226-258" archaeological sites and landmarks.

In detail, 25 historical cities, 42 archaeological monuments, 25 shrines, 252 hotels, 81 restaurants, 12 event halls, 28 parks and gardens, 8 cafes and cafes were destroyed and damaged, 543 tourist agencies were closed with losses amounting to $ 745 million, 95% of workers in the various tourism sectors supporting more than 500,000 people were laid off, and 250,000 workers in the tourism field were deprived of their only source of income.


resource : SABA