Ministry of Transport source denies Ministry's freeze on Yemen Airlines balances

Yemen News Agency SABA
Ministry of Transport source denies Ministry's freeze on Yemen Airlines balances
[25/ March/2023]

SANA'A March 25.2023 (Saba) - An official source at the Ministry of Transport denied on Saturday what was stated in statements by an official at Yemen Airways regarding the Ministry of Transport's freezing of the balances of Yemeni Airlines.

The source explained to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that Yemenia's balances are not frozen, and all operating expenses, including salaries, incentives and entitlements, are paid to all employees of the company on a regular basis.

He pointed out that additional control measures have been taken under the supervision of those in charge of the company in Sana'a in order to preserve the company's funds and transfer liquidity without controls.. stressing the ministry's keenness to continue the company's activities in a way that serves all the Yemeni people without discrimination.

He pointed out that the recent measures taken by the company's leadership in Aden to restrict sales in Sana'a is an arbitrary measure that contributes to increasing the suffering of Yemeni travelers in general and the northern regions in particular, and placing additional restrictions and obstacles in front of the Yemeni people, in contravention of all international and humanitarian laws and regulations. Which guarantees all citizens movement and travel without restrictions or conditions.

The source called on the company's leadership in Aden to reverse its arbitrary decision and lift all restrictions on the Yemeni people.

He explained that the ministry will take all legal measures to preserve the rights of travelers, and the company's leadership in Aden will bear all the consequences resulting from its irresponsible decisions.

The source held the aggression coalition responsible for continuing to obstruct the opening of Sana'a International Airport, calling on the United Nations to break its silence regarding the aggression coalition's continued closure of Sana'a airport and its disregard for the suffering of the Yemeni people.

resource : Saba