Al-Faraji: American occupation moves in Al-Mahrah to plunder oil wealth

Yemen News Agency SABA
Al-Faraji:  American occupation moves in Al-Mahrah to plunder oil wealth
[22/ March/2023]
SANA'A March 22. 2023 (Saba)- The governor of Al-Mahrah, Al-Qutabi Ali Hussein Al-Farji, condemned the suspicious movements of the US ambassador and the leaders of the US Fifth Fleet in the occupied southern and eastern regions.
In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), Governor Al-Farji confirmed that the repeated US military visits to Al-Mahrah province are a flagrant violation of Yemeni sovereignty, and is part of an American plan to plunder Yemen's oil resources and wealth.
He pointed out that the US-Saudi-Emirati presence aims to smuggle Yemeni crude oil through pipelines that are being planned to be implemented in areas near the oil wells in Al-Mahra .
Al-Faraji drew attention to the deteriorating economic conditions of the citizens in the province, as well as the general humanitarian situation and the state of frustration it is witnessing in light of the Saudi-Emirati occupation, and behind them blatant American interference and its ambitions to find a permanent foothold for the looting of wealth.
He noted that the US intervention in Al-Mahrah has become clear and obvious through its direct role in planning and arranging the aggression and siege on Yemen, pointing to the American insistence on establishing military bases in Al-Mahrah due to its great geopolitical importance at the regional level.
Al-Faraji held the aggression mercenaries and the occupation authorities in Al-Ghaidha fully responsible for what the situation will lead to as a result of the repeated movements of the American military delegation in the province.
He referred to the state of opportunism of the American, British, Saudi, and Emirati occupiers, who took advantage of the citizens' suffering as a result of the living conditions in the occupied provinces, especially Al-Mahrah, and used the military arsenal it possessed to terrorize the citizen and extend its control over the various civil, service and military sectors and plunder wealth.
Al-Faraji added that the occupation, after failing to win the loyalties of some personalities and tribes in Al-Mahra, resorted to offering financial inducements in an attempt to win an incubator for it in the province.
He called on the free people of the southern and eastern provinces to reject the American, British, Saudi and Emirati presence, invoking them, especially the people of Al-Mahra, to move quickly and activate the role of field resistance in confronting the suspicious movements of the forces of invasion and occupation.
He appreciated the role of the free people who reject the occupation and the practices of its militias, and in the forefront the free people of Al-Mahra who present the brightest heroic and patriotic images in the face of the plans and conspiracies of the occupier, and express the strength of belonging to the authentic Yemeni identity.
The Governor of Al-Mahrah praised the level of awareness and the growing state of popular anger in the occupied areas towards the practices of the forces of invasion and occupation.

resource : SABA