Putin: Russia will respond' if UK supplies depleted


Yemen News Agency SABA
Putin: Russia will respond' if UK supplies depleted
[22/ March/2023]
MOSCOW March 22. 2023 (Saba)- Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Moscow would "respond accordingly" if Britain gives Ukraine military supplies, including armor-piercing ammunition containing depleted uranium, according to CBS.

"[The U.K.] announced not only the supply of tanks to Ukraine, but also shells with depleted uranium," Putin told reporters after talks at the Kremlin with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. "I would like to note that if all this happens, then Russia will have to respond accordingly ... The collective West is already starting to use weapons with a nuclear component."

Putin was reacting to a written response by a U.K. defense minister, Annabel Goldie, who was asked whether "any of the ammunition currently being supplied to Ukraine contains depleted uranium."