Dozens of protesters in France arrested​

Yemen News Agency SABA
Dozens of protesters in France arrested​
[21/ March/2023]
PARIS March 21. 2023 (Saba) - French authorities have arrested dozens across the country as sporadic protests erupted, hours after President Emmanuel Macron's government narrowly escaped a vote of no-confidence in parliament on Monday over its deeply unpopular pension reform plans.

According to Agence France-Presse, the failure of the vote is a source of relief for Macron, as his success would have brought down his government and canceled the legislation that is scheduled to raise the retirement age by two years, reached to 64 years.

Opposition MPs demanded a reversal of changing the pension system, as trade unions prepare for a massive move on Thursday.

Television footage showed police briefly firing tear gas and attacking protesters in several places.

In a number of the most prestigious streets in central Paris, firefighters rushed to put out fires that broke out in piles of rubbish that had accumulated as a result of not being collected for several days due to strikes, while the back-and-forth continued between the protesters and the police for a fifth night.

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