Desperate Emirati attempts to separate Archipelago Socotra from Yemeni sovereignty

Yemen News Agency SABA
Desperate Emirati attempts to separate Archipelago Socotra from Yemeni sovereignty
[05/ February/2023]
SANA'A February 05. 2023 (Saba) -The UAE statelet turned Socotra Archipelago into a large military site and caused severe damage to its environment and its reputation as a natural reserve.
The suspicious and disturbing thing is that the whole world is following what the UAE is doing in the archipelago with a kind of indifference and suspicious silence.
Since the first day of its occupation, the UAE has sought to separate the archipelago from the motherland of Yemen, with a series of actions it is carrying out there, including bringing about demographic changes and bringing in residents from outside the archipelago in a desperate attempt to remove it from Yemeni sovereignty.
What is currently happening in Socotra is an Emirati occupation that it shared with the Zionist enemy through a joint colonial project between them to control the archipelago, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Socotra Archipelago has become encroached upon by the UAE, which planned to occupy it for years. Money encouraged UAE to do so and it began to believe that, with its financial abundance, it could impose its presence wherever it wanted, but it forgot that the Socotra Archipelago is a Yemeni land since God created the earth and those on it, its roots are linked to the roots of Yemeni civilization and its rule Thousands of years of glorious civilization, while the UAE is a state that is no more than 70 years old.
The fact that the UAE statelet forgot that everything can be bought with money except history, so it resorted to the process of falsifying history, and this is what it is currently doing, but it is an obvious and shameful issue, and whoever does it becomes a source of ridicule at the international level.
What is certain is that the Emirati rushes to Socotra Archipelago comes due to its important strategic location, and this matter came under the guidance of the Emirati masters, the Americans and the British. Its important location is the focus of international colonial ambitions.
It is known is that the Emirates cannot settle in Socotra, as the archipelago was, and will remain in the hearts and minds of 35 million Yemenis, who are the residents of the Republic of Yemen.

resource : SABA