Kanaani hits Back at France for hostile stances


Yemen News Agency SABA
Kanaani hits Back at France for hostile stances
[05/ February/2023]
TEHRAN February 05. 2023 (Saba) - The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry lashed out at the French president for his unconstructive comments about the Islamic Republic during his meeting with the Israeli premier in Paris.

In a statement on Friday evening, Nasser Kanaani deplored the repetition of unconstructive statements by French officials, according to Tasnim.

He said French President Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with the prime minister of a regime which is known in the world as the embodiment of the ominous phenomenon of organized terror, violence, carnage and displacement of oppressed women and children in West Asia, including Palestine, deserves to be deplored and censured.

Kanaani added that the French president criticizes Iran's peaceful nuclear activities at a time when he has apparently forgotten that the Zionist regime has dozens of nuclear warheads but does not tolerate any international oversight and, having a dark record of occupation and military aggression, is the gravest threat to regional and international peace and security.