Germany cannot prove Russia sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines

Yemen News Agency SABA
Germany cannot prove Russia sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines
[05/ February/2023]
BERLIN February 05. 2023 (Saba) - The German investigators probing the explosions that hit Russia's Nord Stream pipelines do not have any evidence at hand proving that Russia is behind the catastrophic blasts that took place in the Baltic Sea in September 2022, said German Attorney General Peter Frank on Saturday, German newspaper Die Welt reported, according to Al Mayadeen.

Frank revealed that two research ships took water and soil samples, as well as the remains of the pipelines, noting that the whole incident was "comprehensively documented". "We are currently evaluating all of this forensically."

The explosions took place in international waters in the Exclusive Economic Zones of Denmark and Sweden. Both countries are conducting their own investigations. "But we are in contact," said Frank.

However, Denmark and Sweden have barred Russia from investigating the attack. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this exclusion highlighted the West's double standards.