Ministry of Fisheries warns of continued deaths of whales on Red Sea coasts

Yemen News Agency SABA
Ministry of Fisheries warns of continued deaths of whales on Red Sea coasts
[04/ February/2023]

SANA'A February 04. 2023 (Saba) - The Ministry of Fisheries warned on Saturday against the continued abnormal deaths of blue whales on the Red Sea coast as a result of hostile activities and pollution caused by battleships and vessels belonging to aggression forces.

In a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (SABA), the Ministry confirmed the death of a number of blue whales on Red Sea shores, including the coasts of Hodeida province.

According to information received from the province of Hodeida, five blue whales and a humpback whale were found on the coast of the Al-Jah area of the district of Bait al-Faqih over the past 34 days and that number could be increased.

The Ministry confirmed the involvement of aggression forces warships in these serious crimes against marine life as a result of injuring and killing of whales and shoving them out of the sea.

Pointed out that ship strikes, pollution, fishing gear entanglement and the use of bombs during fishing were among the greatest threats facing whales, fish and the marine environment. It confirmed that the noise and excessive speed of warships cause a lot of damage to all marine life.

The Ministry called on fishermen and citizens to report any new deaths of whales, to be examined by the Ministry's specialists and the Marine Science Authority and get to know the reason for it's deaths.

resource : Saba