Status of women in America & the West.. False slogans & bad reality

Yemen News Agency SABA
Status of women in America & the West.. False slogans & bad reality
[28/ January/2023]

SANA'A January 28. 2023 (Saba) - Women in the United States of America are at the bottom of the country's social classes and segments, the weakest segment in the system of capitalist caste inequality, despite the glamorous manifestations of women ' freedom in civil rights, but they live in "modern slavery", all kinds of exploitation, slavery, humiliation, aggression, oppression, physical, psychological and sexual violence suffer in a civilization based on the isolation of values and morals, religious teachings, including "Christianity", about the life of society in favour of the value of profit, the sovereignty of utilitarian philosophy and commodity relations in everything.

The present report, which examines and provides addresses for the status of American women in an expeditious manner, has been prepared on the basis of official and party information from within the United States, it carries a lot of special concepts that refer to phenomena in American society, phenomena that reflect women's suffering in the United States, the countries of the West generally.

Concepts such as "single mothers" refer to women who have had illegal sexual relationships living with one another without marriage (which is illegal according to the teachings of the Christian Sharia itself, they are not regarded as an official couple from the point of view of the law), as well as the concept of "partner" and "intimate partner", refers to such a legally uncontrolled relationship, as well as to the pregnancy of female students, adolescent girls and the voluntary abortion for inability to spend on a child, whether it is from a couple or from an unlawful sexual relationship or not thinking about raising a child and building a family, these concepts and phenomena, resulting from the chaos in sexual relations, refer to women's suffering in these countries, which lack the protection that provided by the family system, both in the East and the West, the family provides protection, support and cooperation, an important form of social organization in the history, present and future of humanity, and the suffering of American women in the absence of a family, it is more severe compared to women living within the family.

Information from within the United States also includes concepts such as "Asian" Women's, "colored" and "black" women, this is meant for migrant women to the United States, living in a lower position than for white women of European origin, Asian and coloured women suffer racism and unfairness in employment wages, representing the largest proportion of poor, unemployed and women in shelters, as well as the concepts of lesbian, transgender and, despite the West's support for these abnormal sexual orientations in the world, however, American women (gay and transgender) are subjected to persecution and repression from American society and from American government institutions they are often treated with discrimination.

American women in general, natural and gay, white of European descent, or blacks and women of color, are all oppressed by the existing social economic order, the victims of physical and sexual violence, economic exploitation and hatred are most aggrieved, with only a small fraction of financially capable women come out of this, In turn, they are persecuted against the rest of women, and in fact women's rights and constitutional equality between men and women only exist in political issues and civil liberties, however, these rights do not exist in today's tangible socio-economic realities, American men are also mere socio-economic rights, although their injustices are lower, and women are the weaker segment of the American society.

The United States' exploitative aggressive policies at the domestic level are a model of what it practices most at the international level, the nature of the American system determines its policy of aggression, with women and men together at home and abroad, at the international level, American aggressive policies continue to cast their woes on Yemeni and Iraqi women as well as Afghan women after America handed over power to the Taliban, as well as Iranian, Korean, Cuban and Venezuelan women because of economic sanctions, blockades and other women of the world.

The expanding circle of oppressed and persecuted by the United States of America is a global phenomenon, with the United States now subjugating women globally, especially women in countries where the United States of America intervenes militarily, as well as countries suffering from American economic wars and blockades.

In Yemen, 11,498 martyred women and 21,955 wounded women have been directly victims of American incursions since 2015 in 2,800 days in addition to tens of thousands of malnourished women and their children, because of the ongoing blockade, not to mention the women who have been dismissed from their jobs as a result of the destruction of economic infrastructure, as well as women employees of the government sector who lost their wages due to the economic war against the Republic of Yemen.

resource : Saba