Farmers: Importing external apples causes significant economic losses

Yemen News Agency SABA
Farmers: Importing external apples causes significant economic losses
[12/ January/2023]

SA'ADA January 12.2023 (Saba) - Apple farmers in Sa'ada province confirmed that the continued import of external apples adversely affects the local product of this fruit, which farmers suffer significant economic losses.

In a statement Saba received a copy, farmers called on address this problem and protect them from the impact of continued imports of external apples.

The statement appealed to the State's leadership and stakeholders to intervene urgently to address the problems facing them, due to the persistence of external apple importers to import this fruit into Yemen (apple country).

The statement noted that refrigeration stores and refrigerators are filled with local apples of winter season productivity, where more than 500 thousand apple baskets are available in storage refrigerators, although the winter season is still in the middle, and the number is increasing continuously.

Apple farmers in Sa 'ada governorate also confirmed their willingness to cover local markets in all governorates of the Republic with local apples if importers of exterior apples are seized.

They considered that the continued flow and import of external apples would multiply struck the domestic product, the impact of which would be reflected in farmers's psychology, which will result in the lack of interest of most apple farmers in the province in apple plantations.

resource : Saba