China: Americans plunder Syria's wealth

Yemen News Agency SABA
China: Americans plunder Syria's wealth
[02/ December/2022]

BEIJING DECEMBER 02.2022 (Saba) - China reaffirmed that the United States continues to plunder Syria's wealth and deploy occupying forces on its territory in violation of international rules and laws that it alleges seek to protect.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said during a press conference Friday that Washington's illegal military bases on the territory of Syria, it is nothing but a pretext and cover to serve the interests of American hegemony, stating that the international community is not oblivious to what Americans were doing.

Lijian noted that the Americans theft and smuggling of Syrian oil had cost the Syrian state more than $100 billion in losses.

"The presence of American troops in Syria is illegal, the theft of oil and grain in Syria is illegal, and missile attacks on Syria are illegal, he noted.

resource : Saba