Yemen in the face of the Soft War... Mass Weddings

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Yemen in the face of the Soft War... Mass Weddings
[15/ November/2022]
SANA’A November 15. 2022 (Saba) - Our Islamic religion calls for the revival of its pillars and teachings and to consider the weak, the poor and the needy as a priority that should be taken care of and taken such pillars and teachings into account.

Based on this priority and with regard to the youth class, it was necessary to develop appropriate solutions represented in facilitating “Achieving one half of one's religion” through the establishment of collective weddings aimed at immunizing young people and keeping them away from the dangers inherent in soft war and aggression conspiracies, embodying the teachings of Islam in facilitating marriage, reducing dowries as well as embodying the main purposes of this commendable trend.

Immunizing young men and women is a social and humanitarian issue that must be taken care of, given that marriage is the best way to build a family and a cohesive society based on purity, chastity, pride and dignity.

In this regard, the General Authority for Zakat held on Monday, 06 Rabee Akhr 1444 AH, corresponding to 31 Oct. 2022 in the capital Sana’a the third and largest collective wedding in the region and in the world for 10, 044 brides and grooms, who were distributed over 18 provinces, including the occupied provinces of Shabwa, Abyan and Lahj, of the poor and needy, the elderly, people with special needs, war wounded, prisoners, sons of martyrs and fighters people and students.

The wedding was not limited to the people of Yemen but also included about 100 grooms from the Arab and Islamic communities, including seven grooms from Sudan, 53 grooms from the Ethiopian community, 32 grooms from the Somali community, and eight grooms from the Eritrean community, which made this occasion unique from its predecessors.

The cost of the mass wedding for this year amounted to about Y.R 5 billion as the General Authority for Zakat pays Y.R 850,000 to each groom as a marriage dowry.. which reflects an image of steadfastness in the face of aggression and its unjust siege, enhances the bond of brotherhood and embodies the interest that everyone attaches to face the soft war.

It must be emphasized that the Duty imposes on us as a Yemeni Muslim society to work on embodying our identity, belonging and faith commitments by holding weddings and to avoid at the same time what affects our identity or constitutes damage to the Muslim community and at the same time to avoid manifestations of extravagance and other negatives that are incompatible with identity and religious values.

The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, in his speech during the public ceremony of the third mass wedding, in which he stressed the need to pay attention to facilitating marriage and reducing its costs at the level of dowries to ease its costs that burden the poor. The obligations that are added to marriage are burdens that burden the large class of society, the poor and make the issue of marriage difficult, and this is what the enemies of Islam and Muslims want, who seek to exploit the complexities of marriage to spread corruption through their soft war, which is a demonic and corrupting war.

Al-Houthi explained that giving Zakat has its great effects and great blessings and good results in souls and in the reality of life and it strengthens social ties, reduces the suffering of the poor and needy, addresses many life problems, fixes and stabilizes life, and make the people of this nation full from the need for its enemies who, if they give something, give it exploiting, with malicious aims and diabolical purposes, to strengthen their influence while harming society.

In the same context, the Mufti of Yemen, scholar Shams شl-Din Sharaf al-Din, blessed the newlyweds to complete half of their religion and rejoice at their wedding on this joyful day, calling the people in power, the local authorities, the sheikhs and the neighborhoods official-in-charges to seek to find covenants and contracts to reduce the exaggeration in the dowries, explaining that everyone should give the social field wide attention, in addition to the issue of people's needs, in order to ensure that young men and women do not fall into vice and walk on the wrong path.

It must be noted that the largest collective wedding project is one of 17 projects announced by Chairman of the General Authority for Zakat Shamsan Abu Nashtan and was launched on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday of 1444 and its cost exceeded Y.R 10.3 billion

According to Nashtan, the total beneficiaries of mass weddings reached more than 26,000, during the past three seasons besides a number of other projects such as releasing the insolvent and debtors, and other social projects.

At the province level and on the initiative of Zakat Authority in organizing collective weddings that contribute to strengthening social solidarity, especially in light of the continued aggression and siege for more than eight years, Sana’a province opened the manifestations of joy in the third collective wedding festival with a public ceremony, on the evening of Sunday, the fifth of Rabi’ al-Akhir 1444 AH for 302 grooms and brides from the province's districts, under the slogan “Together to Facilitate Dowries, Immunize Young People and Confront Soft War.”

On the ninth of Rabee Akher, November third, the third collective wedding in Dhale' province was held in for 104 brides and grooms while on the 12th of this month, November sixth, Hajjah province witnessed the mass wedding festival for 800 brides and grooms, under the slogan “Together to facilitate dowries and fortify the dowries.” Youth and Confronting the Soft War”, as well as the wedding of 720 brides and grooms in Dhamar province, for the needy, the wounded, the disabled, and those with special needs, the deaf and dumb, the blind and the insolvent, who are over 25 years old.

On the following day, 460 grooms and brides from the provinces of Taiz and Lahj celebrated the completion of half their religion, in addition to the wedding of 180 brides and grooms from the province of Raymah, which was held in the province with a wide official and popular presence, in a strong message to the aggression coalition, confirming the steadfastness of the Yemeni people.

In a message bearing many implications, the celebration in Hodeida province had a special character by holding the wedding on board the Emirati ship “Rawabi”, which was seized by the Yemeni Navy at the beginning of 2022 and which entered Yemeni territorial waters illegally to engage in suspicious acts serving the agenda of aggression and mercenaries, where the coastal province celebrated on the 14th of this month, November eighth, the wedding of 572 grooms and brides, in a collective wedding ceremony, which is the third of its kind to be held in the province in three years amid an atmosphere of joy and pleasure at Martyr al-Sammad Square.

On the same day, in Ibb Sports Stadium, the wedding of 628 grooms and brides from the people of Ibb province was held, within the framework of the attention paid by the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council to young people and their help to complete half of their religion.

On the fifteenth of Rabee Akher 1444, November ninth, Mahweet province witnessed a mass wedding for 262 brides and grooms from the sons of martyrs, prisoners, the wounded, the poor and Bilal’s grandchildren, under the slogan “Together to achieve social solidarity”, while the throne of Bilqis in Serwah district in Marib province celebrated the wedding of 164 grooms and brides from the provinces' residents within the third collective wedding, supported by the General Authority for Zakat.

On the following day, the 16th of Rabee Akher, November tenth, the people of Sa'ada province celebrated the wedding of 660 grooms and brides. On the same day, Amran province celebrated the wedding of 550 grooms and brides as part of the third collective wedding.

Bayda, Abyan and Jawf provinces concluded the largest collective wedding festival by celebrating the wedding of 430 grooms and brides in Bayda and Abyan, and 166 grooms and brides in Jawf province to help young people marry under difficult circumstances as a result of the continued aggression and siege.

The second mass wedding sponsored by the General Authority for Zakat last year 1443 AH was inaugurated on the 27th of Rabee Akher, Dec. 2nd, 2021, as 7,200 grooms and brides in the capital, Sana’a got married, It was followed by wedding celebrations that took place in many provinces in the month of Jamad al-Awal, 1443, Dec -Jan., 2021, 3910 grooms and brides got married as well in order to alleviate the burdens of young people in which the aggression intended to humiliate it through aggression and siege to serve the projects of the enemies.

It is worth mentioning that the first mass wedding festival, which was organized by the General Authority for Zakat in Sana’a on Rabee Akher 24, 1442, corresponding to ]Dec. 09th, 2020, witnessed the wedding of 3,300 grooms and brides from different provinces of the Republic under the slogan “Together to achieve social solidarity and confront the soft war", followed by the wedding of 1264 grooms and brides witnessed in many provinces.

Embodying the words of the Messenger of Allah, our master Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family “ Faith is from Yemen, & wisdom is Yemenite".” The Yemeni people prove to the world that they are a conscious and unique people, and a sophisticated model for all other peoples of the Islamic nation, despite the aggression, the siege, and the difficult conditions that the country suffers from, the challenges and the soft war that is taking place it is being waged against this people, through many methods, perhaps the most dangerous of which is the war of rumors, for which decisions, resources, reasons, and electronic flies exploit social networks to spread their poison.


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