Yemen Military Parade.... new victorious force

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Yemen Military Parade.... new victorious force
[04/ September/2022]
SANA'A, Sep. 04 (Saba) -The grand military parade, which was hosted in Al-Hodeida Governorate and other provinces, represented a loud, surprising and unprecedented emergence in its size and quality of the new reality that Sanaa gradually built in the past eight years of steadfastness and preparation.

The military parade displayed new qualitative weapons and specialized military formations to show readiness to fight and win the sea and air battle.

Despite the naval and air embargo, Yemen has reached reliable capabilities in the field of defense and military power, and the construction of various operational drones and missiles is an example of these successes.

The Yemeni Armed Forces' The Promise of the Hereafter military parade held in Al- Hodeida saw the participation of various units of the Yemeni army, such as the coast guard, the navy, the air force, the air defense force, and several elite forces.

Some 25,000 soldiers participated in the Promise of the Hereafter military parade, spanning all of the aforementioned forces, the sources added, noting that the parade kicked off with the troop companies before large forces of armored vehicles, tanks, and ground and naval weapons exhibited their capabilities.

In its details, the presentation of “The Promise of the Hereafter” sent many additional messages, starting with the fact that it comes within a series of huge and unprecedented parades.

As well as, the graduation ceremony of two brigades of Ibb, Taiz, and Al-Dale provinces was held with the support of the National Salvation Government of Yemen with the Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif parade in Ibb city.

The parade was held with the support of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, and its purpose has been declared to deal with possible military options if the humanitarian ceasefire is not successful.

Yemeni military forces trampled the US and Israeli flags in the Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif parade.

In short, the show was a festival to establish the reality of the new Yemeni state, which can no longer be bypassed, and which adheres to a project of independence and liberation that does not recognize submission to any external pressures or ambitions, regardless of the size of the forces behind it.

Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the country's army and Popular Committees’ military parades convey the message that the Yemeni people and armed forces are working hard to keep improving their capabilities.

The purpose of military parades is to reassure our people and send a message to the greedy aggressors," al-Sayyed said. "We are actively working to further develop our blessed army, which is loyal to its country."

The Leader of the Revolution indicated, in his speech during a military display for the Yemeni Armed Forces in Al- Hodeida, dubbed, "The Promise of Hereafter". " The Yemeni army today has reached great levels in the various fronts it is on, and it is well-established in terms of deterrence"

The military strength is to defend every corner of our homeland, including Al- Hodeida and the west coast altogether," Sayyed Abdulmalik. "The enemies' aspirations to occupy our country and control our people are turning to mirages and disappointments due to reality and facts."

In his speech, The Leader of the Revolution indicated that the enemy today is in real trouble, as our people stand by their army, loyal and determined to prevent the enemy from occupying our country."

He said Yemen today is on the state-level and popular-level more present and with its basic religious principles more in support of the Palestinian people and the Islamic world.

"All of the enemies' aspirations to destroy our army's capabilities and strip it of every power that allows it to counter their aggression and occupy them have been met with failure."

In his part, the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Mahdi al-Mashat, referred to Yemen's military progress and stated that the defense power of the Yemeni army and popular committees is increasing despite the country's siege by the Saudi coalition.

He also pointed out the destructive role of the United States in Yemen and asked the Yemenis to defend the independence and integrity of their country.

It seems that the Zionist enemy picked up these messages quickly, as the show drew the attention of some of its media immediately, and brought back talk of “risks” and “threats” to the fore there, and of course on the side of talking about the failure of the coalition of aggression and the negative consequences that resulted from that failure.

It is understood from these messages that the revolutionary and political leadership is giving the enemy a chance. The matter is no longer related to the context of the humanitarian file, but rather to approach the requirements of actual peace and stop intransigence, and confirm this path.

Written by Mona Zaid

resource : SABA