Governor of Marib: Oil wealth in Marib looted by aggression forces, mercenaries

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Governor of Marib: Oil wealth in Marib looted by aggression forces, mercenaries
[04/ August/2022]
SANA'A, Aug. 04 (Saba) - The leadership of the local authority in Marib Governorate held a press conference on Thursday to find out the latest developments under the slogan "The wealth of Marib belongs to the people, not spoils to the occupier."

In press conference, the governor of Marib, Ali Muhammad Tua'iman, explained that the conference is to expose the fallacies and allegations of the aggression mercenaries, through which they are trying to shirk their responsibilities in creating crises and the suffering experienced by the Yemeni people in all governorates by the implementation of the agendas and directives of the aggression coalition led by America.

Regarding the electricity file, Tua'iman confirmed that the Marib gas station was covering most of the Yemeni governorates, and with the start of the aggression, the mercenaries cut electricity to the areas under the control of the Salvation Government.

He indicated that the towers and lines of the electrical network extending from Safer to Nehm had suffered great damage, whether by air strikes or direct targeting by the mercenaries.

"Despite the attempts of the Electricity Corporation to repair the damage in 2015, the engineering teams were directly targeted by the mercenaries of the aggression," Tua'iman said

The governor of Marib indicated that the aggression forces cut off electricity to 11 liberated districts in Marib, foremost of which are the districts of Serwah, Majzar, Al-Juba, Mahliya and the rest of the districts in a retaliatory policy by the Islah party in targeting the sons of Marib and the Yemeni people in general.

He touched on the suffering of the people of Marib, the travelers and all the Yemeni people after the mercenaries cut off the main asphalt roads linking between the city of Marib and Sana'a and the rest of the governorates.

With regard to the gas file, the governor of Marib indicated that the pro-aggression local authority in Marib, under the directives of the US-Saudi aggression coalition, deducted a percentage of the shares of the free governorates from domestic gas by more than 50 percent, which caused great suffering for the citizens.

Regarding the initiative of the Leader of the Revolution on Marib, Tua'iman confirmed that the initiative was welcomed among the sheikhs and dignitaries of Marib, but that the Islah leaders rejected peace initiatives, because they do not have the decision of peace and war.

The governor of Marib explained that the governorate's oil and gas wealth was subjected to looting, as oil revenues covered 70 percent of the state's general budget, and its revenues during the years of aggression were estimated at more than 14 billion dollars.

The governor welcomed any serious initiatives that alleviate the suffering of citizens, considering the media statements of pro-aggression leaders as bids before public opinion, and they must prove this with concrete steps that address the crises of electricity, gas, roads and looted revenues.

The Marib Governorate leadership called on the aggression countries and their tools to take advantage of the new truce in addressing humanitarian issues without fallacies, stressing that the Yemeni people and the free people of Marib "will not remain silent about the plundering of their wealth and depriving them of benefiting from it."


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