Human Rights Ministry deplores international community's disregard for Yemeni people suffering

Yemen News Agency SABA
Human Rights Ministry deplores international community's disregard for Yemeni people suffering
[20/ July/2022]

SANA'A, Jul. 20 (Saba) - The Ministry of Human Rights deplored Wednesday the disregard of the international community and humanitarian organizations for aggravating the suffering of the Yemeni people, as the coalition of aggression continued to refrain from fulfilling humanitarian decisions, contained in the agreements concluded in the previous armistices as well as the silence applied to continued violations and human suffering at all levels.

In a statement received by SABA, the Ministry indicated that it was following with interest regional and international attempts to renew the armistice. Stressed that it was flawed to continue dropping the humanitarian file in the Department of Political Employment and to discuss humanitarian issues in the truces and in the political and military negotiations, as that was a violation of international humanitarian laws and conventions that stipulated the need to neutralize humanitarian files in wars and conflicts.

Notwithstanding the international community's complicity with this confusion in the files practiced by the Coalition of Aggression States, the humanitarian situation during the armistice period had not seen any triumph of the concept of humanity or of the humanitarian items of the agreement.

The Ministry drew attention to the aggression coalition's continued intransigence in closing the crossings linking between cities and provinces, as well as the continued maritime piracy, detention and delays in oil derivatives vessels, and the disavowal of entering the number specified by agreement, as in the case of obstruction of commercial and civil air flights to and from Sana'a airport in front of patients and travelers.

The statement underscored the continued escalation of civilian casualties, as a result of shooting and artillery shelling by aggression, not to mention the number of civilians falling as a result of the explosion of remnants of war in the context of the aggression coalition's refusal to introduce detection and demining devices and cluster bombs.

The prisoners' file continued to be obstructed and politically employed by the Coalition of Aggression, Yemenis, in general, remained under unjust siege, and salaries were suspended.

The Ministry noted that all of the above are crimes against humanity. The United Nations, as the supervisor and enforcer of international humanitarian law, must exert further pressure on violators of international humanitarian law and end the suffering of Yemenis resulting from the blockade of cities, airports, ports, and roads.

It called for the rejection of any attempts or endeavors to extend the armistice in the light of the continuing aggressive policies towards decisions and humanitarian items that have not witnessed any outputs, the absence of any guarantees of implementation of the declared commitment, and the improvement of such decisions to include important humanitarian files, notably salaries and the resolution of the economic file.

It also called on the United Nations and the international community to play their part in stopping the war and pressuring the coalition of aggression to neutralize the humanitarian issue, as a legal and moral entitlement that cannot be postponed or delayed, and to criminalize the blockade imposed, and all abuses and inhumane practices committed by the coalition of aggression, targeting civilians.


resource : SABA