I salute sacrifices, resilience of Yemenis in face of protracted war: Qurdahi for the "Sana'a broadcast "


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I salute sacrifices, resilience of Yemenis in face of protracted war: Qurdahi for the
[01/ July/2022]

SANA'A, July. 01 (Saba) - Lebanon's former Minister of Information George Qurdahi saluted Thursday the sacrifices and steadfastness of the Yemeni people in the face of a war that has lasted for more than seven years.

In a telephone interview with Radio Sana'a's "The era of the freemen remain" program, broadcaster Abdullah al-Haifi expressed the hope that the announced truce in Yemen would continue and the war would end, and that peace and stability would prevail in the region.

He sent a message of love and solidarity with the entire Yemeni people, viewing Yemen as one country, one people and one land.

"I knew the Yemenis and I wasn't asking the Yemenis what your sect and belonging were, or which region, I was seeing in their face, the whole Yemen, what I was saying, or what I wanted for the Yemeni people to be patient, and I think the dawn close to, and we're just around the corner and I hope the reached truce is going to last long."

Qurdahi saluted all parties for agreeing to the armistice that had left the Yemeni people breathing, gathering forces, and standing on their legs. hoping that the truce will continue and that everyone will respect and adhere to the truce because it is good for the people of Yemen.

"Our hearts go out to Yemen and its people. It is time for the night to dissipate I have a word for the people of Yemen. It is a word of love, appreciation, and admiration for their sacrifices, heroics, and great wishes that Yemenis will stabilize the situation, restore their normal lives, return children to their schools, reassure them, and dreams, hospital conditions are moving as they were before".

"I hope that walking on roads will return to the way it was and security and reassurance will return to the people of Yemen men, women, children, and elders. This is my wish, in all candor and love for the Yemenis, through this dignified radio, which I thank for hosting me and allowing me to address the people of Yemen openly and with love directly from Beirut." He noted that he was living the tragedy of Yemenis up close.

He also expressed his pleasure in hosting the official Radio Sana'a. "I salute the people of Yemen who are dear to my heart, dear to all Arabs from the ocean to the Gulf, all Arabs whom I know to pay tribute to Yemen and its people, the intelligence and activism of Yemenis, and their love."

"Our love for the people of Yemen has been inherited from time and this love has been imposed by the people of Yemen on all Arabs. I salute the people of Yemen, salute my loved ones, and I pay tribute to the martyrs, heroes, wounded and all the people who have been damaged, tortured and subjected to the tragedy that has been prolonged and has become more than seven years old, our hearts go out to you, the hearts of all Arabs are with you." He added.

Lebanon's former Minister of Information said he was pleased that the war had now been interrupted by the truce, which had been renewed for the second time in two months, and that it would be renewed and renewed indefinitely.

"As I have said, all wars are absurd, the war of Yemen is absurd, every Arab war is absurd and the wars between brothers are absurd, and I hope that peace will be prolonged, purify hearts and minds, the hatred will be removed and the waters will return to normal as they were previously between Yemen and its neighboring countries and peace and stability will be ensured."

Replying to the question of when he would visit Yemen, Qurdahi said, "I miss Yemen and visiting Yemen and I miss visiting Sana'a, Aden, and all governorates, I look at Yemen as one country I do not look at governorates that are scattered, or separated from each other but I look at Yemen as an entity and a great country with its history, culture and living people."

"I believe that all Yemenis are of one blood category and I am eager to visit Yemen at the earliest opportunity when peace, security, and stability are strengthened and I will be the first to arrive at Sana'a International Airport."

Qurdahi spoke of the resentment of some with the word "absurdity" when he said it about the Yemen war and that he did not expect the reaction of such cruelty and ferocity. "The war of absurdity is a war of absurdity on both sides, with no meaning and no consequence. Its consequences are only destruction, murder, loss of life, material, and injustice to people. I didn't mean it of absurdity on the one hand. It is absurdity on all sides, not on the one hand."

"I said it is absurd because it has not taken a hostile attitude towards anyone, I say it with my sense of humanity, Arabitizm, and patriotism, and I think this war between brothers must stop because there is not a result, but all wars are absurd and it ends with the signing of a peace agreement."


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