Al-Qa'atabi warns of serious occupation plots targeting Mahra province

Yemen News Agency SABA
Al-Qa'atabi warns of serious occupation plots targeting Mahra province
[30/ June/2022]

SANA'A, Jun. 30 (Saba) - The Governor of Mahra al-Qa'atabi Ali Hussein Al-Faraji warned of dangerous plots carried out by the Saudi-UAE occupation coalition targeting the province of Mahra and its sons in general.

In a statement to SABA, Al-Qa'atabi noted Wednesday that the significant rejection by the Mahri community of Saudi-UAE military presence contributed significantly to the occupying state's attempt to target the governorate and its sons and drag it into the conflict square.

He stressed that the rise in public anger against the foreign presence in Mahra was an indication of the proximity of the battle to liberate the province from the occupiers and its mercenaries, the beginning of a new phase of effective resistance to liberation and the failure of the occupation's schemes and tools in the province.

The governor of Mahra pointed out that the arrival of a number of large arms shipments aboard military vessels at Nashton port, as well as British and American military trainers at the international airport of al-Ghayda, in conjunction with the introduction of Crystal Drugs (Methamphetamine) by occupying forces and the attempt to deploy and distribute it in the Mahri community and areas under occupation, is further evidence of an attempt to target Mahra sons and drown the generally occupied provinces with drugs.

Those attempts sought to facilitate the implementation of their malicious projects, destroy young people, he said.

The Governor of Mahra stated that the occupation is trying to complete control of strategic areas and ports and build military bases under the supervision and collusion of the so-called Presidential Leadership Council, which has become the most important tools of aggression to plunder the country's wealth.

He noted that the popular movements led by the Peaceful Sit-in Committee in the governorate enjoyed great popular and societal support, stressing that the people of Mahra had the determination to expel the Saudi-UAE occupation within the framework of a comprehensive national project for all Yemeni people to expel the occupation from every inch of their homeland and to build a modern, independent Yemeni State with its decision and sovereignty.