167 million riyals to implement community initiative in Sho'ub district


Yemen News Agency SABA
167 million riyals to implement community initiative in Sho'ub district
[18/ June/2022]

SANA'A, Jun. 18 (Saba) – During the first half of this year, the district of Sho'ub of the Capital Sana'a witnessed on Friday the implementation of several community initiative projects in the service fields at a cost of 167 million riyals, as part of the local authority's budget for 2022.

A report of the district's project management, a copy of which was received by Saba, indicated that six projects were carried out in the field of water and sanitation, benefiting 5,000 residents of the neighborhoods of "Al-Bush, Al-Ghrega, Al-Draubah Dam in the Eastern of al-Jeraf, Ghul Ahmed Ali in Sa'wan neighborhood, and West Aya tour" neighborhood, and the restoration project of one of the streets of Habra neighborhood, under the supervision of the local council, project management, and the general administration of community initiative projects in the secretariat.

The report noted that these projects, which contribute 25 percent of the cost to the community, included the delivery of sewage systems to Bush and Ghrega in the eastern neighborhood of Al-Jeraf, Ghul Ahmed in Sa'wan neighborhood, and west of the Aya tour, which is 1,830 meters long.

The projects included connecting the drinking water system to the Al-Draubah Dam lane to the eastern of al-Jeraf with an area of 1,980 meters, and the restoration of the Habra lane Street next to Hunaish Hall, which is 1,800 meters long.

The director of Sho'ub district Ahmed al-Sumat, stressed that the interest in following up and implementing projects of community initiatives comes within the framework of cooperation and integration with the community in providing services to citizens under the difficult circumstances resulting from the aggression and siege.

He pointed out that the community initiatives have received the interaction and support of the members of the directorate and the local council of the directorate, which pays most attention to these projects, by following up on the financial allocations approved for them within the framework of the budget of the local authority 75 percent of the cost of each project.

Al-Sumat said the district's project management continues its tasks in pursuing the implementation of community initiatives and studying projects received in accordance with the mechanism used in cooperation with the secretariat leadership.

Mohammed al-Hanbasi, director of the project management at the district, said that there are community initiatives to implement five new projects, in the field of water, sanitation and street restoration costing up to 967 million riyals, which have been submitted to the Secretariat of the Capital for adoption, in addition to seven projects under study.

He said the projects under consideration include the restoration of the streets of Bir al-Sinidar lane and the paving of the southern street of al-Hafa Mosque, as well as the connection of water networks to the western jawaleb lanes, Bir Arhab, al-Dakheliya, Bir al-Ma'ajuni, and the sewage network of al-A'anab lane.


resource : SABA