Al-Mudallal: the UAE's reception of the president of the Zionist entity is the highest of the moral and behavioral collapse

Yemen News Agency SABA
Al-Mudallal: the UAE's reception of the president of the Zionist entity is the highest of the moral and behavioral collapse
[12/ June/2022]
SANA'A, Jun. 12 (Saba) -Leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Ahmed Al-Mudallal considered on Sunday that the UAE rulers’ reception of the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, “Naftali Bennett” last Thursday, is the highest of moral and behavioral collapse, and gives legitimacy to the occupation entity to commit more crimes against the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian people.

In an exclusive statement to Saba, al-Mudallal said "The new wave of normalization of Arab-Zionist relations is trying to penetrate the collective Arab consciousness, which represents a danger to the Arab Islamic nation."

He added: "The attempt of a number of politicians, athletes and artists to normalize and weave relations with the enemy represents a great danger to the nation's present, identity, heritage and culture, and the peoples of our Arab, and Islamic nation must redress this great danger."

He explained that normalization efforts are nothing but an attempt to separate the Arab and Islamic nation from Palestine and consider the Zionist entity as a natural entity in its heart.

In response to the statement of the Zionist Minister of Transport, Merav Michaeli, who revealed advanced steps in normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia and using its airspace for Zionist aircraft, Al-Mudallal said: "Normalization serves only the Zionist entity and gives more legitimacy to the occupation and further loss of the Palestinian cause."

He called on the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to assume its responsibility to stop rushing towards normalization, to be an impenetrable dam against the occupation of Palestine, and to rise up in the face of "the normalization regimes that do not seek the good of the nation and have fallen into the mire of treachery and have become a malleable tool in the hands of America and the Zionist entity."

It is worth noting that recent days have witnessed intense moves to normalize relations between the Zionist entity and a number of Arab countries for political and security goals, the most prominent of which was the reception of the President of the Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, to the Prime Minister of the Zionist occupation, Naftali Bennett in his private palace that their teams held extensive meetings.


resource : Saba