President announces suspension of missile strikes, drones, military operations for 3 days

Yemen News Agency SABA
President announces suspension of missile strikes, drones, military operations for 3 days
[27/ March/2022]

SANA'A, Mar. 26 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat on Saturday announced the suspension of missiles and drone strikes and all military actions towards Saudi Arabia by land, sea and air for a period of 3 days unilaterally.

In his speech on the occasion of the National Day of Steadfastness and the passage of seven years of aggression, President al-Mashat stressed the readiness to turn this declaration into a final, firm and lasting commitment if the Kingdom announced and committed itself to ending the siege and stopping its air raids on the territory of Yemen.

He also announced the cessation of offensive confrontations on all field fronts for 3 days, stressing the readiness to turn this suspension into a final, continuous and permanent commitment in the event that the Kingdom announced the withdrawal of all external forces of the coalition from Yemeni lands and waters, and a complete halt to support for its local militias in Yemen.

He said, "The suspension of offensive operations includes the Marib front, and regarding this front, we return to the fore what was included in the initiative of the leader of the revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi and we await a positive response to it, as it is a realistic and equitable initiative for all.

President al-Mashat announced full readiness to release all coalition's prisoners, including Hadi’s brother, local militia prisoners, and all prisoners of nationalities held by the army and popular committees, in exchange for the full release of all our prisoners held by the coalition with their various components.

The President of the Supreme Political Council called on the UN envoy to arrange procedures and facilitate the exchange of statements and executive agreements in full or in installments, to ensure the complete release of all prisoners on both sides.

He reiterated the concern for peace, and considered it "a supreme goal and a higher goal than all the fighting and struggle we are experiencing."

President al-Mashat called on the aggression and the international community to deal with the peace file in Yemen as a sacred issue, and to stay away from falsehoods, allegations and outbursts, and to stop all positions, practices and methods that obstruct peace.

He added, "We see in the blockade, the seizure of fuel ships, the deprivation of the Yemeni people of the most basic human and legal rights, the continuous striving to condemn our right to defense, and the insistence on demonizing our national position with what it represents in terms of people, society, history, thought, identity and geography, and making hollow and foolish descriptions, unnecessary actions contradict with the requirements  of peace, and the principle of confidence-building, which involve continuous abuse of the Yemeni people.


resource : Saba