The repercussions of Kordahi's remarks about Yemen

Yemen News Agency SABA
The repercussions of Kordahi's remarks about Yemen
[27/ November/2021]

SANA'A, Nov. 27 (Saba) - George Kordahi's remarks have resonated widely among the official and popular circles of Yemenis.

The repercussions of Kordahi's remarks, which he made on the TV, program 'Barlaman Shaab', nearly a month before he took office in the Lebanese government.

"Absolutely, there is an attack and the war on Yemen. This is an absurd war that must stop", he said.

"Ansarullah fighters have been defending themselves against a foreign attack on Yemen for years", he added.

For its part, the official state news agency of Yemen (SABA) monitored a number of these officials' reactions expressed by member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi.

"If Saudi Arabia bans Lebanon's products due to stance is taken George Kordahi, I call on the National Salvation Government to hold an emergency meeting and issue a decision to ban Saudi products from entering Yemen", Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in a tweet.

Al-Houthi also directed moral guidance to raise banners with a picture of George Kordahi, Lebanese Minister of Information, in the capital, Sana'a.

Kordahi made a quick victory for his country by expelling the Saudi Ambassador in Lebanon, as he was certainly an obstacle to Lebanon's sovereignty.

The Yemeni streets interacted significantly with the campaign of raising pictures of George Kordahi.

The name of Riyadh Street in the capital, Sanaa, was also changed to George Kordahi St.

Activists on social media circulated the pictures, which were placed in several major streets of the capital Sana'a. The images with the hashtag attached to it, "#Yes_George, the Yemen war is absurd", in solidarity with his honorable stance in the face of the Saudi repression and intimidation.

*Also, Yemen Students Union in Iran organized a solidarity stand with George Kordahi, Lebanese Information Minister against the backdrop of the fierce campaign launched by the Saudi regime following his remarks about the war on Yemen.

*Information Minister Dhaifullah al-Shami praised the "free and honorable position" of Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi on the aggression against Yemen.

*A large-scale media campaign has begun to expose the crimes and violations of the Saudi coalition during its years of war and siege on Yemen.

Written by Eman al-Mutawakel  



resource : SABA