Aggression wounds man in Hodeida, wages 23 raids on 5 provinces

Yemen News Agency SABA
Aggression wounds man in Hodeida, wages 23 raids on 5 provinces
[20/ November/2021]


PROVINCES, Nov. 20 (Saba)- The US-Saudi aggression forces continued to violate the Hodeida ceasefire agreement and wounded a man, and launched 23 raids on 5 provinces during the past 24 hours, a military official said Friday. 


The official stated that the aggression forces committed 182 breaches, including 2 infiltration attempts in Hays district, 28 breaches with artillery shelling, and 45 breaches with various gunshots.


The official confirmed the injury of a citizen by an aggression raid east of Hays district, saying that the warplanes targeted the district with 6 raids.


The aggression launched a raid near the Hodeida seaport and 2 raids on Al-Jarrahi district.


In addition, 48 spy warplanes flew over Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya, Hays, Al-Jah, and Al-Tuhaita.


Moreover, the official stated that the aggression's warplanes launched 2 raids on Al-Hafa area in al-Sabaeen district in the Capital, a raid on Jehana district, and a raid on the Al-Aroush area in Khawlan district in Sana'a province.


He said that the enemy warplanes targeted the telecommunication network in Al-Or area of Munabeh border district and launched a raid on Qahza area in Sa'ada province.


In Marib province, the official added the aggression's warplanes targeted al-Jouba district with 7 airstrikes and hit Serwah district with 9 airstrikes.


He stated that the aggressive air forces targeted Amran city with an air raid.


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resource: SABA

resource : SABA