Aggression coalition detains new diesel-laden ship: YPC

Yemen News Agency SABA
Aggression coalition detains new diesel-laden ship: YPC
[18/ August/2021]

SANA'A, Aug. 18 (Saba) - The Aggression coalition carried out a new piracy operation, detaining an oil ship loaded with diesel and preventing it from reaching the port of Hodeida, bringing the number of ships detained to five.

The US-led aggression coalition had seized a new ship, Harvict, loaded with 29,727 tons of diesel, for public consumption, Yemen Petroleum Company spokesman Essam al-Mutawakel told Saba on Tuesday.


He said the coalition of aggression prevented the diesel-laden ship from reaching the port of Hodeida despite its humanitarian nature and obtained a UN permit after inspection.


The spokesman added that the aggression forces led by the United States and the participation of the United Nations are currently holding five oil derivatives ships, including two ships carrying gas and three ships, one of which has been detained for more than eight months and carrying approximately 90,000 tons of diesel and gasoline.


The detention of oil vessels despite obtaining UN permits was contrary to the substance and purposes of the Sweden Agreement, which stressed the need to facilitate access to the port of Hodeida by essential materials and assistance.


He pointed out that the continuation of criminal piracy and its disastrous repercussions have not been matched by any serious and concrete action by the United Nations as the body concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of commodities.


Al-Mutawakel stressed that the United Nations had not left the stalemate and shameful bias with the forces of aggression, despite its explicit recognition of the worsening humanitarian consequences of severe shortages of fuel supplies.





resource : Saba