Thousands of Yemenis killed since Saudi invasion: Report

Yemen News Agency SABA
Thousands of Yemenis killed since Saudi invasion: Report
[07/ February/2021]


SANA'A, Feb. 07 (Saba) - How long the Saudi invasion that has killed thousands of children, women, and civilians of Yemen will go on?
Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and its allies, including the UAE, have been conducting bloody military aggression in Yemen, using arms supplied by their Western backers.
Yemen has been at war for more than five years, the United Nations has called the situation in Yemen “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” and most children don’t have access to enough food, clean water or the opportunity to go to school.
The United Nations human rights office said that 2,381 women, 3,790 children, and 16,978 civilians have been killed in Yemen by that Saudi-led coalition, adding that 2,780 women, 4,089 children, and 26,203 civilians have also been injured.
As well as, Yemeni experts announced that more than 16,000 civilians have been killed in the invasion.
They said that 4,168,301 people (606,694 families) have been displaced because of the Saudi bombardment of cities, villages, houses, schools, and hospitals over the past six years.
The war has displaced three million Yemenis and forced 200,000 to seek refuge abroad. The United Nations had information that 900,000 of the displaced intended to try to return to their homes.
Some 14 million of Yemen’s 26 million population needed food aid and 7 million were suffering from food insecurity.
Yemen’s economy, already fragile prior to the war, has been gravely affected. Hundreds of thousands of families no longer have a steady source of income, and many public servants have not received a regular salary in several years. The country’s broken economy has worsened the humanitarian crisis.
Aid experts and United Nations officials said: a more insidious form of warfare is also being waged in Yemen, an economic war that is exacting a far greater toll on civilians and now risks tipping the country into a famine of catastrophic proportions.
Under the leadership Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries allies have imposed a raft of punitive economic measures , but these actions — including periodic blockades, stringent import restrictions and withholding the salaries of about a million civil servants — driving millions deeper into poverty.
Those measures have inflicted a slow-burn toll: infrastructure destroyed, jobs lost, a weakening currency and soaring prices the economic collapse has gathered pace at alarming speed.
Arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition continue from Western countries such as the US, France, Canada, and others who risk complicity in war crimes and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
The UN Group of Eminent Experts in September stated that several world powers, including the US, the UK, and France, may be complicit in war crimes in Yemen through arms sales and intelligence support given to the Saudi-led coalition.
"There is … no safe place for those near the front lines who face the risk of indiscriminate attacks,” Melissa Parke, the head of the U.N.’s Human Rights Council, said in a press release."
How long will the invasion go on,? the people of Yemen are triumphantly resisting the aggression by Saudi.
By Mona Zaid