Sixth year of resilience will be even more painful for countries of aggression: Yemeni army spokesman

Yemen News Agency SABA
Sixth year of resilience will be even more painful for countries of aggression: Yemeni army spokesman
[24/ March/2020]

SANAA, March. 23 (Saba) - The spokesman for the armed forces, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarie, confirmed that the armed forces have full capacity to carry out qualitative operations that severely damage the economy of aggression after completing arrangements from targeting to ready for implementation. He warned the countries of aggression and their tools that the sixth year of Yemeni steadfastness will be harsher and more painful than in previous years.

In a press briefing today on Monday, Brigadier Sarie revealed the losses of human and material aggression during five years of resilience. They reviewed some numbers and information despite the huge difference in number and equipment between Yemen and its enemies.

He noted that the armed forces had succeeded in countering the aggressive attack, although they were outside the military and combat readiness at the beginning of the aggression.

He said the popular twisting and the large role of tribes contributed to taking measures to reorganize and distribute and ensure the success of the process of addressing the possibilities available in the way of strengthening the military posture. "Within 40 days, our forces did not respond to the US- Saudi-led aggression, and strategic patience was the title of the stage, and then began to respond with the possibilities available, with the outline of the overall strategy of confrontation in all tracks," he said.

He stressed that the armed forces had begun to stabilize and effectively respond to aggressive attacks along the theatre of combat operations and on more than 56 fronts.

"The recognition of aggression in the size of the reconnaissance and combat flights of his air force is an indication of his failure to subdue Yemen and that the steadfast Yemen did not surrender despite the fierce military offensive and the large number of raids exceeding 257,882 raids as of March 14," he said. Yemen is one of the most under-attacked countries in the history of war and the largest of all this century, he said.

"Millions of Yemenis have been directly and indirectly affected by the barbaric and indiscriminate raids and bombardments that have been affected by the blockade and the economic war," he said. He explained that the concerned authorities will reveal the latest statistics on damages and repercussions.

He pointed out that the armed forces took on the task of defending and responding to the religious and national duty towards the people and the nation, although they were the first goal of the coalition of aggression by targeting all its headquarters, units, equipment, personnel and leaders.

"Our people will not forget the victims of Al Kubra hall or the massacre of Dhahian children and will not forget the victims of the horrific massacres of aggression in all provinces," he added.

Brigadier Sarie reviewed the most prominent operations of the armed forces in various military formations, where they succeeded in carrying out large military operations and quality imposed new equations in the battle and led to significant losses in the ranks and equipment of enemy forces. "The most prominent result of these operations is the liberation of large areas in the fronts of Nehm, Al-Jawf, Marib, Al-Dhale and border fronts, and the killing of thousands of prisoners and injured," he said.      

He explained that among the specific operations of the Yemeni armed forces are the strategic deterrence operations of the missile force and the air force that targeted a number of hostile targets within the Bank of targets of the Yemeni armed forces, whose number has already been announced.

"Our forces have carried out specific operations that have not been announced for various reasons and have been documented and may be made public if necessary," he said.

Offensive operations:

With regard to offensive operations, the spokesman noted that in five years, the armed forces carried out more than 5,278 attacks, including 1,686 in the past year and 227 during the first months of 2020, and responded and foiled 5,426 offensive attempts, advances and infiltration of the forces of aggression, mercenaries and mercenaries. Of these, 1,226 were in the past year and 48 in the first months of 2020.

Rocket power:

With regard to the missile force, Brigadier Sarie confirmed that in five years the missile force fired more than 1,670 ballistic missiles at vital military targets and facilities including more than 410 ballistic missiles in the Saudi and Emirati depths and more than 630 ballistic missiles on hostile military targets in Inside.

He pointed out that these missiles were fired individually, including in batches, most notably the launch of 10 ballistic missiles at once during operation Nasr from Allah. "The most prominent missile systems that have been developed and entered into service in the past five years are Qaher, Borkan, Badr, Quds 1, al-Mojanah, NiKal, Qasim and Zulfiqar," he said.

"Today we announce that the Yemeni armed forces have successfully conducted new tests on missile systems that will be detected and that missile systems will enter service soon after the success of the test operations," he said.

Drone Air Force:

On the drone air force, the armed forces spokesman pointed out that in five years the air force conducted 4,116 military operations, divided between 669 offensive operations and 3,490 reconnaissance operations, while the total joint operations between the drone and artillery 73 operations and with the rocket force 11 operations and one operation common drone, rocket and artillery.

He pointed out that the operations of the marching aviation targeted bases and military installations, sensitive targets, gatherings, camps, movements and reinforcements of the enemy, including targets in the Saudi and Emirati depths, including targets on the fronts of the interior, while the implementation of qualitative operations during which more than 10 aircraft were used in the operation.

He pointed out that one of the most prominent operations of the air force in operation is the balance of deterrence operations in three copies and operation 9 of Ramadan and Operation of Mocha and the air force has witnessed various stages of development. He said the air force has carried out more than 160 operations this year, including 37 reconnaissance operations, 66 operations deep inside the Saudi enemy and 94 operations on hostile targets at home.

Air defense:

Since the beginning of the aggression, the Air Defense Forces have carried out more than 721 operations, during which more than 371 aircraft of aggression were shot down, including 53 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and 318 reconnaissance and spy aircraft, while the operations of occupancy and forced departure sought to be about 350 operations.

"During the current year, the Air Defense Forces have achieved several successes, most notably the shooting down of a Tornado warplane as well as a number of counter-attacks in the past months, where our air defenses carried out 64 operations, including the downing of a Tornado aircraft and other operations of response and forced departure," he said. He said new air defense systems have entered the battle line and other systems are being developed to become more effective on the battlefield.


With regard to the navy, Brigadier Sarie pointed out that the navy and coastal defense carried out more than 29 specific military operations targeting ships, barges, frigates and boats, targeting the docks of enemy ports, as well as the failure of landings and exaltations of enemy forces, and a number of ships were detained. Violated Yemeni territorial waters.

He pointed out that the most prominent ships and warships that were targeted are the city frigate, the Frigate Dammam of Saudi Arabia, the UAE warship Swift and a number of other warships affiliated with the aggression.

Sniper unit:

The spokesman of the armed forces confirmed that the sniper unit carried out in five years 40,292 sniper operations along the front lines with the aggression and its tools, including more than 4,250 operations during the current year, the enemy forces suffered heavy casualties, details of the most prominent operations will be published for the unit with statistics in the media.

Engineering and against shields:

In five years, the total operations of the engineering and anti-armor units totaled more than 13,155 operations, including more than 7,472 operations carried out by engineering units and more than 5,683 operations carried out by units against shields.

"During this year, the engineering unit successfully carried out 450 operations and the anti-armor unit successfully carried out 1,305 operations during the first months of this year," he said.

More than 8,487 tanks, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, vehicles and bulldozers were destroyed, and enemy fortifications and gatherings were destroyed by more than 4,489 operations, he said.

Losses of aggression:

On the losses of aggression and its mercenaries, Brigadier Sarie explained that the military confrontations since March 26, 2015, have resulted in significant casualties among the forces of aggression and mercenaries of different nationalities, including dead, injured, prisoners, heavy losses in military equipment and the economic sector, and losses on the moral level. Political and losses extended to arms manufacturers.

"The aggression was forced by both Saudi and Emirati sides to finance the purchase of additional quantities of weapons through multi-billion dollar deals to compensate for its large losses in the land of the cemetery of the invaders," he said.

More than 10,000 Saudi soldiers and officers were killed and injured, according to intelligence information, the death of 4,200 Saudi officers and soldiers in what is recognized by enemy authorities is more than 2,000 soldiers and officers.

Brig. Gen. Sarie noted that the UAE enemy's casualties amounted to more than 1,240 dead and injured, and the enemy acknowledged the deaths of 120 of its soldiers and officers.

"The losses of Sudanese mercenaries amounted to more than 8,000 dead and injured, including 4,253 dead, and there are fewer deaths than different Gulf, Arab and foreign nationalities and mercenaries of security companies of foreign nationalities, including From South America and Australia," he added.

"Mercenaries have suffered heavy losses over the past years, exceeding 130,000 dead and injured in 2019, and in the past months of this year mercenaries have suffered heavy losses of up to 22,000 dead and injured, including 16,805,000 in 2019 and 5,181 during this year," he said.

The multiplicity of enemy formations and the loyalties and mercenaries of his forces indicated that the figure in question did not include all those formations. He expressed regret for the neglect of the aggression for its injured mercenaries, which doubled the number of disabled people in their ranks.

He reiterated that the armed forces, under the leadership's directives, were fully prepared to provide assistance and assistance to all injured Yemeni mercenaries.

Repercussions and damages:

During the press conference, Brigadier General Sarie reviewed the implications and damage of some of the operations of the armed forces on the economic side of the aggression, including the first and second deterrence balance operations, which continue to this day and are on the rise.

"The operations of our forces have specifically damaged the Saudi oil sector, as well as other vital sectors, and the losses are also the daily expenditure on military operations, which were estimated to be millions of dollars, which were the most deserved people of Najd and Al-Hijaz, or in Ras al-Khaimah, Um al-Quwain and Ajman, instead of harnessing them," he said. In killing Yemenis."

The official spokesman stressed that the armed forces are proud today of their cadres and members in the various military units who have made their efforts strategic transformation in the battle for liberation and independence, and confirm their intention to continue to carry out their duties to defend the people and the homeland and liberate all the territory of the Republic.

"The armed forces appreciate the prominent role of the tribes and highly appreciate the popular mobilization around the heroes of the armed forces and appreciate the national alignment of all components, as the armed forces confirm that the martyrs of Yemen in this historic battle will continue to be respected and appreciated by generations and their sacrifices will be lessons in Loyalty and loyalty in defense of the dignity, honor and freedom of the nation."

The spokesman of the armed forces addressed the countries of aggression by saying, "Yemen, which you expected to defeat and submit within weeks, has not, will not and will not be defeated, not weeks, months or years, which have been defeated by the People of Faith, Jihad, Patience and Victory."

"You were at the beginning of the aggression, bombing our areas and facilities with all the challenge, barbarism, arrogance, pride and arrogance, and today we are the ones who are bombing your areas and facilities in response to your aggression, with no arrogance or pride, just to tell you stop your aggression and lift your hands from Yemen," he said.

Strategic stock:

Brig. Gen. Sarie quickly warned the leaders of the aggression that they must wait for more qualitative strikes that will not stop until the aggression stops and the siege is lifted.

He stressed the possession of the Yemeni armed forces a strategic stockpile of deterrence weapons, mainly ballistic missiles and winged missiles, and will not hesitate to strike in advance of any future offensive attack of aggression or in response to any crime that may be committed by aggression against the Yemeni people.

Yemen's new missile system is more advanced in speed and stronger in terms of destructive capability, and is more accurate in terms of target injury and technical efficiency, he said.

Sixth Year:

"The leaders of the aggression must realize that Yemen, which was bombed and destroyed during the first months and years of this criminal aggression without a response, is no longer the same today as it was in terms of military capabilities," he said. He stressed that the sixth year of Yemeni steadfastness will be harsher and more painful than previous years and they should take this warning seriously.

The spokesman confirmed the readiness of the armed forces to implement any options that the leadership may offer during the sixth year of resilience and its full capacity to carry out qualitative operations that severely damage the economy of the States of aggression after the arrangements have been completed, from targeting to ready-to-implement.

He called on the free Yemeni people in the north, south, east and west to perform the national duty to defend the homeland by actively joining the battle for liberation and independence and for the honor of participating in this historic stage.