Military official confirms continued violations of aggression forces in Hodeidah

Yemen News Agency SABA
Military official confirms continued violations of aggression forces in Hodeidah
[07/ March/2020]

PROVINCES, March. 7 (Saba) - A military official confirmed the continued violations of the forces of aggression to the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province, while the Saudi shelling of dozens of missiles targeted one of the border areas in Saada province during the past 24 hours on Saturday.

The violations of the aggression forces amounted to 132 violations, including the flight of four spy planes in the atmosphere of al-Jabalia, Hays and Kilo 16 and the development of three fortifications in 50th street and Kilo 16, said the official in a statement to Saba.

The violations also included three attacks on CityMax and Al-Mandhar surveillance, 24 violations by rocket and artillery shelling and 96 violations of bullets.

In Tuhaita district, Artillery invaders and mercenaries shelled more than 20 artillery shells and three mortar shells at the houses of citizens in al-Jabalia area, a number of which were damaged.

In 50th Street and al-Sha'ab City of Hodeidah, two military bulldozers of the forces of aggression have developed combat fortifications, while the aggression forces shelled with artillery and various machine guns Mahal al-Sheikh village in Kilo16 area.

 In the besieged city of al-Durihmi, the forces of aggression targeted the farms of the citizens south of the village of al-Shajan with mortars, the village was shelled with artillery and heavy machine guns.

In Saada province, the forces of aggression shelled more than 30 rockets and artillery shells in populated villages in the border district of Razih, while the aggression warplane waged two airstrikes on al-Dhaher district in the province.

In Hajjah province, the warplane waged two airstrikes on Bakil al-Mir district.

In Nehm district, an airstrike hit Salb Mountain.

In off Najran, an airstrike hit al-Talaa.