PM discusses with EU, France, Netherlands ambassadors situation in Yemen

Yemen News Agency SABA
PM discusses with EU, France, Netherlands ambassadors situation in Yemen
[20/ January/2020]

SANAA, Jan. 20 (Saba) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Monday met in Sanaa with ambassadors of the European Union (EU), France and Netherlands to Yemen, who is currently visiting the country.

In the meeting, they discussed the tragic situation that the Yemeni people live, and which is getting worse a year after a year as a result of the continued aggression and the siege.

The meeting touched on the cooperation and partnership relations between the National Salvation Government and the UN and international organizations and the facilities provided to those organizations to enhance their important role in alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people.

It was focused during the meeting on the steps taken to implement Sweden Agreement, and the practical steps that were initiated by the national authorities in Sanaa with regard to the economic side through creating an account for the revenues of Hodeidah port.

The meeting also dealt with the reliable role of the European Union and the countries sponsoring the agreement in exerting pressure on the other side loyal to the aggression coalition to fulfill its obligations, as a building-confidence step on the road to peace, including lifting the ban on Sanaa International Airport, which serves more than 85 percent of Yemenis.

The meeting reviewed the situation in the southern and eastern provinces under the Saudi-Emirati occupation, which continues to trigger conflicts there by providing outlaw militias with military equipment.

The ambassadors confirmed that the European Union seeks to end the violence that has dominated Yemen over the past five years, indicating that all parties are concerned with restraint and taking measures conducive to peace.

They expressed their conviction that the still-standing Sweden agreement took too long for the Yemeni people to see its tangible results, affirming that the pressure for reopening Sanaa International Airport is exist and strongly.

They added that the UN Security Council supports and would support every step that seeks to calm and reduce the level of tension, as one of the important steps toward achieve peace.





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