President urges media to calm down

Yemen News Agency SABA
President urges media to calm down
[20/ September/2012]

SANA'A, Sep. 20 (Saba) - President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi said Thursday the media has to be controlled and adopt a strategy to tackle the crisis and difficult conditions in the country.

As chairing a meeting with the general committee of the General People Congress (GPC), President Hadi said that the media officials should give Yemen's desired future priority over the partisan interests or narrow-minded views.

The commitment of media calming was a one of the important points in the executive mechanism of the Gulf initiative, which stipulates that media, either the GPC's or Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and all political parties', supports and covers the achievements of the political settlement so as not to contradict the media policy with the tireless efforts aimed at ends the crisis in the country, Hadi said.

He said that the severe crisis Yemen has suffered from left disastrous effects on the policy, economy and security of Yemen, stressing all the political powers should take their national responsibilities to protect the political process and to take the transitional stage's program to February 2014, when a democratic and competitive presidential election conducts after the national dialogue's desired goals have been achieved.

The President's meeting with the GPC's general committee aimed to discuss all conditions and developments in the country, particularly what is pertaining to the implementation of the Gulf initiative.