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Al-Wahadawhy, the mouthpiece of the Nasrite Union Party ran an article touched upon the administrative corruption.
The article is an opinion piece written by Ahemed Sa'aeed who stated that only the president of the republic who is able to diagnose the reality of corruption due to his long experience and great deal of information.

The writer went on saying a scientific study conducted recently and submitted to a workshop themed the importance of training and qualifying in prevention of corruption indicated there are several reasons are conducive to the administrative corruption such as the political, managerial and legal factors.

The writer viewed the political factor is the main reason for corruption .He said that politics have so much to do with corruption as political instability and the lack of auditing are the main reasons behind corruption.

The writer came to say that the above mentioned study showed up that the administrative corruption is the most serious problem facing the country as it gives rise to a devastating outcomes on top of which are squandering the resources, failure in achieving the development goals and destroying the society , in addition the negative political impacts


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