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Army thanks honorable people, collaborators in region with them in Success Great Air Attack in saudi depth

Army thanks honorable people, collaborators in region with them in Success Great Air Attack in saudi depth


div style="text-align: left;">SANAA, May 14 (Saba) - The Yemeni armed forces Tuesday confirmed the successfully great operation launched in the "ninth of Ramadan" which targeted vital installations deep inside the Saudi enemy.

The armed forces in Yemen said in a statement obtained by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the military operation, is the largest among the operations launched in the saudi depth since the beginning of US-saudi coalition attack launched on country.

The statement added that this successful military operation was accomplished after careful monitoring and cooperation from the honorable people of those areas, which led to the complete cessation of pumping oil through the pipeline and directly affected the economy of the enemy.

The vital installations of the Saudi enemy were targeted in the provinces of Dawadmi and Afif in Riyadh, read the statement.

The statement added that the attack was carried out by seven aircraft belonging to the Air Force and targeted the two pumping stations in the main oil pipeline 8-7, which connects the area of Rass Al-tnura and Yanbu and pumps three million barrels of oil per day.

"This qualitative operation comes within the framework of the legitimate response to the crimes committed against our dear people, our great country, the continued economic siege and the fulfillment of the promise of  Leader of the Revolution to target vital installations sensitive to the enemy in case the aggression does not stop," the statement added.

The General Command of the Armed Forces affirms the readiness of the armed forces, with all types and formations of combat, to carry out other qualitative operations in the event of continued aggression, crimes and violating by the coalition to the national sovereignty.

The armed forces warn the countries of aggression against the continued siege and starvation of our dear and steadfast people, plundering their wealth and targeting all Yemenis, including state employees, via constantly stopping paying salaries.

The General Command of the Armed Forces also confirms its ability to carry out broader and larger operations in the depth of the countries of US-UAE-saudi coalition aggression, affirming that the solution in the region is to stop the aggression against Yemen.



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