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Yemen : Quartet statement to repeat precedents, what is required is to stop aggression, to lift  siege

Yemen : Quartet statement to repeat precedents, what is required is to stop aggression, to lift siege


SANAA, April 28 (Saba) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that statement issued on Saturday by the so-called quartet of the two countries of the Saudi-UAE aggression coalition, supported by the US administration and the UK government, is a repetition for previous statements.

Those statements do not care about the rights of the Yemeni people in live and their suffering during the past four years because of the US-saudi aggression coalition, an official source at ministry told Saba.

"If the countries of the so-called Quartet are serious about moving towards a political solution, they must immediately stop the aggressive military operations and in particular stop targeting civilians and installations in all provinces, start lifting the siege on Yemeni ports and reopening Sanaa International Airport as a gesture of goodwill," he said.

"They must stop their ongoing coverage to violations by its allies and obstacles imposed on the Stockholm agreement, as well as their blatant retreats from accords," he added.

He added that what the Quartet is talking about, regarding commitment to a comprehensive political solution in Yemen, needs to be transformed from statements to media to an actual reality on the ground. He stressed that such countries Is in desperate need of restoring some of its lost credibility.

The source pointed out that the political leadership and the government of national salvation announced on more than one occasion keenness to ensure the achievement of a just and honorable peace for the Yemeni people.

The source stressed that these countries are today in the eyes of the Yemeni people and all the peoples of the world represents the first aggressor on the human in Yemen and also violates all of its political, economic and humanitarian rights.

He added that they themselves violate the airspace of Yemen via air raids, provide logistic sport and sell weapons used in the killing of civilians.

"There is no benefit and hope for those four countries to transfer their differences with the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Yemeni arena, and therefore there is no need to engage the Iranian issue in the reality of aggression on the Yemen country and people," he said.

The source called on those countries to resolve their differences with Iran away from the lands, waters and airspace of the Republic of Yemen and to be aware that Yemen is an independent, sovereign state and a member of the Arab League and the United Nations.

He pointed out that what these countries are doing is a flagrant violation of all international laws, Even those international resolutions that were essentially cooked in their favor.

The source concluded his statement by reiterating the full commitment to the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

He pointed out that the practices and positions of the other party, including the Quartet, confirm the lack of goodwill, seriousness and credibility in the direction of peace and peaceful political solution's achievement.


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