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PM  inspects voting in constituency  17 in capital Sanaa

PM inspects voting in constituency 17 in capital Sanaa


SANAA, April 13 (Saba) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum, Judge Mohammad al-Salmi, on Saturday was briefed in the constituency No. 17 in the capital Sanaaon the progress of the voting process for elections aiming to fill vacant seats in parliament.

Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee, along with Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs Maj. Gen. Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, and Deputy Prime Minister for development and Economic Affairs Dr. Hussein Maqbouli, and Minister of Local Administration Ali Al Qaisi inspected the conduct of the process of receiving voters at the polling stations and the conduct of voting procedures.

They praised the voters' desire to cast their votes and exercise their constitutional and legal rights reflect the finest images of preserving national sovereignty by the election of their representatives in the parliament.

"Voters in the vacant constituencies are saying today their words about who represents them constitutionally and legally," the prime minister said.

He pointed out that those who represent the Yemeni people are those who will be chosen by the voters for their stance of steadfast with the people in the face of aggression, not those who sold themselves for aggression in return for a handful of money.

The head of the Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum pointed out that voters in 24 vacant constituencies headed today to the ballot boxes in the capital's districts and nine provinces in a good atmosphere without any difficulties or impediments, keening to exercise their constitutional and legal right to make their decision to choose their representatives in parliament.

The members of the Higher Committee and the Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee accompanied them during the visit.


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