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President Al-Sammad inaugurates Ministry of Industry networking and its  Economic Center

President Al-Sammad inaugurates Ministry of Industry networking and its Economic Center


SANA'A, 25 Dec (Saba)- President Saleh Al-Sammad, head of the Supreme Political Council, inaugurated today in the networking between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the concerned authorities as well as work in the Economic Center of the ministry.

The president got briefed on the Economic Center's activities and programs it will undertake which related to strategic studies and research and the Business Council which will join all parties involved in the economy, such as traders, capitalists, bankers, ministries of industry, trade, finance, planning and international cooperation, oil, transport and telecommunications.

The meeting discussed the center work plans and the mechanism of electronic networking with different bodies to standardize studies and develop solutions, proposals and necessary solutions in addition to work on the return of prices and control of the strategic inventory of the State in various aspects, especially with regard to food stocks.

The center is an electronic economic portal, as well as the center of link and tracking starts to participate in the International Stock Exchange for food and follows up prices. It includes the Center of Economic Studies and Research and the Economic Tracking Center and it will provide the government with services in the economic affairs.

The President stressed that Yemen has the capabilities and minds of vitality and creativity in various fields ."The mind that made the missiles and developed and psychological challenges to aggression and siege is able to achieve the goals and objectives of such centers and other research and development institutions." He said.



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