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Yemen condemns British court's refusal to halt arms sales to Saudi

Yemen condemns British court's refusal to halt arms sales to Saudi


SANAA, July 11 (Saba) - An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the decision of the British High Court that rejected a lawsuit by campaigners to stop the export of arms to Saudi Arabia because they were being used against the Yemeni civilians in violation of international humanitarian law.
The official said the Saudi aggression and its coalition, supported by the US administration and the British government have been using British-made internationally banned weapons against the people of Yemen since March 26, 2015 continues, systematically targeting civilians, mostly women, children and the elderly.
He said the coalition of aggression also has been deliberately targeting the infrastructure, the economic system of the Yemeni people and civil facilities, including schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, markets, factories using US-and-British-made weapons that the Saudis imported from the US and Britain.
"The world knows that during the twenty-eight months of aggression against Yemen, the Saudis have struck arms deals in billions of dollars and paid tens of millions of dollars in other commissions and bribes to conduct the deals," said the official.
The official called the London High Court to retreat on its decision and stand by the justice and the civilians' humanitarian rights in according to the international humanitarian laws.



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