Yemen News Agency ( SABA)
Army's rocket attacks kill Saudi soldiers

Army's rocket attacks kill Saudi soldiers


JIZAN, Apr 16 (Saba) - Tens of Saudi soldiers and Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed in rocket and artillery attacks on Saudi southern provinces, a military official said on Sunday.

The national army and popular forces fired two locally-developed Zilzal 2 ballistic rockets, salvos of Katyusha rockets and artillery shells in the attack that took place on Saturday on the Saudi military positions in al-Maosem area of Jizan province.
Dozens of the Saudi soldiers were killed or wounded, the official said.

Moreover, the national forces fired artillery shells on the Saudi soldiers' positions in al-Dhaba'a and al-Aish in Najran province and eastern of al-Shao'abah area in Asir province.

In addition, a Saudi soldier was shot dead on Saturday in al-Ma'anaq area of Jizan province.


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